Additional Information 

 “Achieving satisfactory academic performance in college is a legislated requirement for students to maintain their scholarship eligibility under the 21st Century Scholars program.”

Beginning with the 2013-2014 Academic Years, students receiving state aid must meet the following eligibility requirements:

•21st Century Scholars award is full tuition and fees at any public university (capped amount at private and proprietary schools)

As a result of recent legislation, the amount of aid eligibility from the State of Indiana has been increased. Rather than the awards being divided between the Twenty-first Century Scholarship (TfCS) and the Higher Education Award, Twenty-first Century Scholars will now receive all of their state aid eligibility in the form of the Twenty-first Century Scholarship.

•To continue receiving the award, Scholars must complete 30 credits per year and keep their GPA above “satisfactory academic progress” mark

•Scholars who complete 24-29 credits may still be eligible for the state’s other financial aid program (Frank O’Bannon award)

        –This program does not pay full tuition

•As in the past, Scholars must file a FAFSA by March 10. FAFSA edits must be completed by May 15. 

       -Scholar who miss this deadline will not recieve funding