To assist you in being academically successful and staying on track toward graduation, Purdue Promise offers the following academic support:

  • Freshmen required study hours during GS 197
  • Purdue Promise Tutoring (see below)
  • Referrals to other tutoring and supplemental instruction resources (see below)
  • Referrals to the Academic Success Center
  • Purdue Promise MAPS academic recovery program
  • Free printing
  • Quiet study
  • Guidance and support for exploring and committing to your major (see below)

Steps for Seeking Academic Assistance

  1. Go to your professor’s and/or TA’s office hours.
    • They teach your course! It’s best to go directly to the source!
  2. See if there is Supplemental Instruction (SI) for your class.
    • Of the students who attend 8 or more times in a semester, 95% earn a C or better. 50% of those earn a B or better.
  3. See if there is a Purdue Promise tutor for your class.
    • See details below. This service is free to you!
  4. See if there is a help center / help lab for your class.
    • These services are free to you!
  5. See if there is departmental, college-specific, or program-specific tutoring available.
    • Most services are free to you!
  6. Check the Student Success link in Blackboard or search for course-specific resources.
  7. Seek private tutoring, if possible.
    • In most cases you will have to pay for these services. Purdue Promise will not cover costs associated with private tutoring.
  8. Visit the Academic Success Center for additional help.
    • Note: Some services are not course-specific, but instead will help you build academic skills. (Examples: Peer Success Coaching, Workshops, Handouts, Phone Apps, etc.)

Spring 2015 Purdue Promise Tutoring

For spring 2015 Purdue Promise has 1 tutor for 30 courses. Tutoring is by appointment only and is restricted to Purdue Promise and 21st Century Scholars students only.

Email the tutor directly to set up an appointment. The tutors will respond to your e-mail within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. All tutoring appointments must take place in the Krach Leadership Center (KRCH) or one of the Purdue University libraries - no exceptions.

Questions can be directed to Esteban Hernández at Download a copy of the spring 2015 schedule, which includes contact information for the tutors.

Other Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction Resources

For additional tutoring resources, visit

For information on Supplemental Instruction (SI), visit

To have access to all academic resources and schedules, download the BoilerGuide app.

Exploring Majors and Committing to Your Major

In order to graduate on time (in 4 years), it is best to commit to a major early in your college career, or CODO to a major that will accept most of the credits you have already completed. Purdue Promise Blackboard modules will focus on career development based on your major. However, if you are uncertain about your major, or need to find one (if you are in Exploratory Studies), you can use the following resources in addition to your Purdue Promise Coach to seek guidance and support.