Purdue Promise Coaches

Purdue Promise provides professional coaching to assist you in your academic, social, leadership, and life skills development. When you enroll as a first-year student in GS 197, the staff member who is instructing the course becomes your designated Purdue Promise Coach. You will maintain your coaching relationship with that person with the exception of the following situations:

  1. You leave Purdue;
  2. Your Coach leaves Purdue; or
  3. You become eligible for MAPS, in which case you will work with your Coach’s supervisor until you regain good academic standing.

Click here for more information on our coaching services and how we commit to support you during your time at Purdue.

Academic Support

Purdue Promise Coaches are committed to helping you get connected to academic support resources on campus, and advocated for resources where they do not exist. Click here to find where you can receive assistance, along with information on academic-related scholarship requirements.

Our program also offers free printing on the same floor where our offices are located, which also houses space for quiet study.

Scholarship Eligibility

Prospective students who are interested in eligibility requirements to receive the Purdue Promise scholarship and additional support should click here.

Current students who are interested in reviewing their cohort-specific scholarship and support program requirements should click on the appropriate cohort page here.

Additionally, current students should review this page regarding actions that could impact scholarship eligibility. Please contact your Purdue Promise Coach if you need to discuss something on this list.


Click here to view answers to common questions about scholarship, academics, and financial aid.

Contact Us

Click here to view contact information for the Purdue Promise staff and access links to schedule appointments.