To support your academic success, Purdue Promise offers free printing exclusively for Purdue Promise scholars. Please review the information below regarding this service.

Location and Availability

Purdue Promise offices are located on the fourth floor of Krach Leadership Center (KRCH). There is an ITaP print release station located behind the bar, to the right of the sink. If you come off the elevator, turn right. If you come up the main stairs, turn left. 

How to Print

  1. Connect your computer to the ITaP lab printers.
  2. Visit the print station on the fourth floor of KRCH and follow the instructions to release printing. 

Log Your Printing

There is a clipboard on the desk next to the printers for you to log your printing, including your name, date, the course(s) you are printing for, and the number of pages you print.

This is mandatory. If it is found that you are not logging your printing, your printing privileges will be revoked, and you may jeopardize printing being offered for all Purdue Promise students.

Notes about Printing

  • Printing is defaulted to black and white.
  • Printing is defaulted to print two-sided.

Printing Issues

If the printer is not working, do not try to fix it yourself. During normal business hours, visit the front desk on the fourth floor for assistance. If you are having trouble printing outside of normal business hours, please contact ITaP as indicated on the instructions next to the computer. You can also use your printing quota through the University to print at the ITaP printer on the second floor of KRCH.

Use the Computers for Printing Only

The print release station is not provided for you to do online homework. Please do not hold up printing access for other students by using them for these reasons. If you need access to a computer for homework, visit one of the labs on campus.

Help Keep Costs Down

This service was to assist with the additional cost of printing once some students ran out of their University printing quotas, not to simply be a convenient service to help you avoid labs. Please utilize your printing quotas at one of the campus labs first, and then use our free printing service. Students who abuse the free printing service may have their printing privileges revoked and/or jeopardize the free printing service for all Purdue Promise students.