While the Purdue Promise program helps cover expenses up to the budgeted Estimated Cost of Attendance, as listed in your myPurdue under the “Financial Tab,” students may have to cover upfront expenses before the Division of Financial Aid (DFA) releases refund checks* to students. Please note that not every student receives a refund. The best way to determine if you will receive a refund is to check your bill for a negative amount. This negative number indicates the amount you can expect to receive.

For more information on how to pay for books with Purdue Promise, view the handout below. 

Paying for Books Explanation

Download Paying for Books Handout

*If students take advantage of all aid offered, including loans, they may have a moderate amount of aid in excess of what is owed to the university to help provide money for off campus housing, books, supplies, or other indirect educational expenses. If the amount of the total aid accepted does not cover the tuition and fees due, the student is responsible for paying the balance due (shown on the electronic fee invoice) by the first day of class.