Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find your answer below, your coach/Purdue Promise staff would be happy to help!

Scholarship Related Questions

We've made a handy list of actions/events that could impact your scholarship eligibility. If one of these things applies to you, it's a good idea to talk with your coach. An important thing to remember is that not every student has the same set of requirements, depending upon when they started at Purdue. Don't rely on others to tell you about what your requirements are, talk to your coach so you aren't operating off of incorrect information.
Your estimated cost of attendance includes an estimated amount for purchasing books for the year, but how much you acutally receive depends on what you've been billed for housing, tuition, and fees. If there's money left over after your bill has been paid, you would receive a refund check to use for educational expenses, but you don't receive that money up front. View our detailed handout explaining how you purchase your books
There are number of co-op options for you to choose from. We encourage you to talk with your advisor to pick an option that works for you. Once you pick a plan, come talk with your coach about how your semesters of scolarship eligibility will work out. As a reminder, Purdue Promise does not provide funding during summer sessions.
Unfortunately, Purdue Promise and 21st Century Scholars does not provide funding for summer school. You will have to fill out a summer financial aid application, available from the Division of Financial Aid, which will be available early March. In order to get aid you MUST take at least 6 hours. 

The Division of Financial Aid awards summer aid on a first-come, first-served basis, so you’ll want to start checking for the application March 1st and fill it out ASAP. If there is any leftover scholarship money from the university or work study aid, they will award that first. If there isn’t any (or they run out), you will be awarded federal loans. You could do a private scholarship search now to see if you would be able to find some that would be able to apply to Summer 2014.

If you are awarded loans to cover the cost of summer tuition and want to know more about the federal loan program, visit their website at

Academic Related Questions

You can find out who your advisor is through your myPurdue. View this slideshow for more detailed instructions.
The Division of Financial Aid (DFA) has detailed instructions on how to confirm your enrollment on their website. Remember, if you don't confirm your enrollment by the stated deadline each semester, your classes will be dropped.
Purdue has a detailed textbook searching site that allows you to search for the textbooks you need for each class that you are registered for.
Your academic advisor is the best person to talk to about registration, time tickets for when you register, and scheduling questions. For a list of FAQs visit and click on "Registration Information FAQs" on the left hand side.
You can view your final grades in your myPurdue. View this slideshow for more detailed instructions.
A hold is the university's way of saying they need you to do something. Some holds don't do anything, while some can prohibit you from registering or applying for graduation. More information about holds can be found on the Registrar's webpage. To determine if you have a hold:
  1. Log in to myPurdue at
  2. Select the Financial tab
  3. Choose "Do I have any Holds?" in the Quick Links menu on the left side
  4. Select the appropriate academic year from the drop-down menu; submit
  5. Any current holds will be listed and must be cleared to avoid financial aid or academic delays

If you have questions or concerns about the following, talk to your coach so they can help. Often, these topics depend on a number of different circumstances, such as where we are in the semester, your class standing, academic standing, etc.
  • Academic Probation
  • Academic Drop
  • Readmission
  • Withdrawal
  • Transferring Credit
  • CODO
  • SAP And PACE
  • Repeat Coursework

Financial Aid Related Questions

You'll need to look at your finanancial aid package to see what types of aid you received. You can view your aid package through your myPurde. You can also watch a video on this proccess.
  1. Log in to myPurdue at
  2. Select the Financial tab
  3. Choose Award for Aid Year in the Quick Links menu on the left side
  4. Select the appropriate academic year from the drop-down menu; submit
  5. Select the Award Overview tab
The Bursar has instructions on how to view and pay your bill in a PowerPoint that you can access on their website.
The Bursar has instructions on how to set up direct deposit on their webiste. We strongly encourage students to sign up for direct depost to ensure that if they receive a refund check, they receive their funds as quickly and securely as possible.
To read financial aid messages:
  1. Log in to myPurdue at
  2. Select the Financial tab
  3. Click Important Messages in the Quick Links menu on the left side
  4. Follow any instructions listed in the message or reference the information provided

If you have questions about:
  • Accepting or declining financial aid awards
  • Viewing financial aid requirements
  • Reporting private scholarships
  • Your Academic Progress status 
Visit the Division of Financial Aid's myPurdue Help Page. They have detailed instructions for how to handle the issues mentioned above.