Purdue Promise believes in building strong partnerships across campus. To strengthen our ability to serve our students, we have developed a collection of program specific resources to help you as you work with students in the Purdue Promise scholarship and support program. We encourage you to explore the other pages of our website as they contain other relevant information.

If after reviewing this page and the rest of our website you feel there is other information that should be included, please contact the Purdue Promise program coordinator.

Why Are We Here?

The Purdue Promise program helps eligible 21st Century Scholars, Emerging Urban Leaders, and Purdue Opportunity Award Scholars be successful at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus. The Purdue Promise four-year experience is comprised of financial assistance and targeted support rooted in four Guiding Principles: academic, social, leadership, and life skills development. Through a combination of support services and financial aid, Purdue Promise helps make attaining a college degree from Purdue a reality. The financial aid package is renewable for up to four years (total of eight consecutive semesters).

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“Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise”

The “Once Purdue Promise, always Purdue Promise” commitment means all scholars will be offered continued support regardless of maintenance of “on scholarship” status.

Scholarship Appeals

Purdue Promise assists program participants through Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeals (for loss of all financial aid), Merit Appeals (for loss of Purdue Promise and/or Emerging Urban Leader awards), and State appeals (for loss of 21st Century Scholars awards). Students should contact the Purdue Promise program coordinator for assistance.

Access Programs Overview

Purdue Promise is one of several programs at Purdue geared toward student access, student success, and/or scholarship support.

In the early years of Purdue Promise, scholars may have also overlapped with Horizons. Beginning fall 2012 students no longer participate in both programs. This decision was made intentionally so that our programs could work together to maximize the number of students we could serve. Below is an explanation of how Purdue Promise compares to Horizons and Science Bound.

However, Purdue Promise does support students who may also be supported through the following scholarships and/or support programs.


Support Programs

Access Program Differences

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