Applying to Purdue

Information on applying to Purdue can be found at The following direct links may be helpful.

We recommend that you monitor the “Deadlines and Important Dates” link closely, as we encourage you to apply early, specifically by the priority deadline, to ensure maximum consideration for all Purdue scholarships (not just Purdue Promise). You are not required to apply by the priority deadline to be considered for Purdue Promise, but doing so will allow you to receive an admission decision sooner and allow you to be considered for other financial aid opportunities.

Awarding to Purdue Promise

There is not a separate application process for Purdue Promise. As long as you are admitted to Purdue and meet all eligibility criteria, Purdue Promise is an automatic award. However, to receive the award, you must agree to participate in our support program and sign a participation agreement during STAR.

Awarding Process

March 1

This is the FAFSA submission deadline for Purdue University. Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid (DFA) will use your FAFSA to determine if you meet the Total Family Income (TFI) requirement for Purdue Promise.

March 10

This is the FAFSA correction deadline for the State of Indiana.

Goal Deadline: End of March

DFA e-mails financial aid eligibility notifications to incoming freshmen by the end of March if they are admitted to Purdue, have applied for financial aid, and submitted all verification information.

March through BGR

Every Friday the Purdue Promise staff receives a list from DFA of who is eligible for Purdue Promise. Once you are confirmed as Purdue Promise eligible on that list, program staff will mail you a scholarship information letter and pre-STAR checklist.

June and July

STAR runs mid-June through mid-July. During your STAR visit you visit with Purdue Promise staff to review your financial aid package and scholarship requirements, as well as sign your participation agreement. Once you have signed your agreement your scholarship is confirmed.