Know the Purdue Promise Resources

Purdue Promise Coach

All Purdue Promise students are assigned a specific Purdue Promise Coach. In most cases this person will not change for the duration of the student’s time at Purdue, but it is worth asking each semester if the student knows who his/her coach is. If not, direct them to contact us.

Academic Resources

Purdue Promise offers MAPS (an academic recovery program), tutoring, free printing, and quiet study.

Know the Student’s Scholarship Requirements

Purdue Promise students have different requirements based on their cohort, identified by the year corresponding with the first falls semester they enrolled. (Example: 2014 cohort = students who enrolled in fall 2014) The requirements for each cohort are outlined here.

Know How Students Receive Information

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The official method of communication between the University and students is e-mail. Students use myMail to check their Purdue e-mail.

Most communication from Purdue Promise will be via e-mail, including our monthly announcements which are sent by students’ coaches the first Monday of each month.


Purdue Promise collects cell phone numbers for students during STAR and when they sign their annual contracts so that we can contact them for various reminders, such as to confirm their enrollment, complete their FAFSA, register for classes, etc.


New students receive a lot of information via the mail, with upperclass student receiving some by mail but most by e-mail. Current students who have not signed up for direct deposit have their refund checks mailed to their local address. Every semester and/or every time a student or family moves, the student should update permanent and local contact information (address and phone) in myPurdue.


myPurdue is the electronic student “hub” for academic information. Through this portal students can do the following and more:

  • Update their contact information and emergency contact information
  • Search the course catalog and register for classes
  • View their course schedule
  • View their academic transcript and download an unofficial copy
  • View grades
  • View holds on their account
  • View important announcements from Financial Aid and campus resources
  • Access their financial aid package and important financial aid messages
  • Accept or decline offered financial aid awards
  • Confirm their enrollment
  • View their academic progress and academic standing
  • View and pay bills and set up direct deposit for refunds
  • Download their 1098T tax credit form

Steps for how to complete these various tasks in myPurdue are outlined here and here.


Blackboard is an electronic hub for course information. Many professors use these service to post course content (such as the syllabus and textbook information), homework assignments, electronic quizzes and exams, discussion boards, grades, and more.

Purdue Promise uses Blackboard for students to access and complete their required coaching modules. It is also used for the required Purdue Promise GS 197 and GS 405 courses.

Academic Calendar and Deadlines

Be aware of the academic calendar and important deadlines so that you know what is going on in the student’s life and can help encourage and empower them to be proactive in monitoring deadlines and preparing for what’s ahead.

The Purdue academic calendar can be accessed here, along with links to the course drop/add deadlines. The drop/add deadline document also details the withdrawal/refund schedule.

The homepage for the Division of Financial Aid lists important financial aid dates.

The homepage for the Office of the Bursar lists announcements and important dates.

Course registration timelines are published here under “Registration Information FAQs.”

Key dates for Commencement (graduation) can be found here.

Purdue’s Parent and Family programs also publishes a transition calendar. While it focuses on adjustment issue for first-year students, many upperclass students will experience some of the same difficulties and stressors throughout the year. The calendar provides information on how you can support your student, and questions to ask as you talk with them about challenges.

Know Your Support Resources

Purdue’s Parent and Family Programs office offers resources to support you and help you support your student appropriately during their time at Purdue.

Know Campus and Community Resources

Click here.