Why Are You Here?

If you are visiting this page you should have received notification that you have been awarded the Purdue Promise scholarship and offered the corresponding support program. This page will give you a brief overview of our support program. View the links to the left to review information on your support program requirements as well as confirming your award, preparing for STAR, and preparing for BGR.

Why Are We Here?

The Purdue Promise program assists eligible 21st Century Scholars in being successful at Purdue University’s West Lafayette campus by offering a four-year experience comprised of financial assistance and targeted support rooted academic success, social integration, leadership development, and life skills development.

Through this combination of support services and financial aid, Purdue Promise hopes to help your dream of attaining a college degree from Purdue a reality. Your financial aid package is renewable for up to four years (total of eight consecutive semesters).

Our Promise

Purdue Promise coaches are dedicated to helping you succeed at Purdue and preparing you for life after college. Our goal is to help you graduate in 4 years debt-free (or as close as possible), and help you transition to the workforce, graduate school, or the military. To do this, we promise to:

  1. Provide a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for you to receive individualized support from your first-semester enrollment through your graduation;
  2. Assign you a Purdue Promise Coach who will be your point of contact for Purdue Promise and your personal advocate at Purdue;
  3. Assist you in maintaining your scholarship eligibility by informing you of requirements through GS 197, one-on-one coaching meetings, and monthly announcements, as well as monitoring your progress toward requirements;
  4. Monitor your academic progress, refer you to academic support resources, and provide academic recovery coaching should you find yourself in academic jeopardy;
  5. Coach you through a four-year curriculum aimed to increase your self-efficacy, self-advocacy, help-seeking behavior, and grit to ensure your life-long success;
  6. Provide encouragement and referrals to resources to help you build your personal and professional networks; and
  7. Track all of our interactions with you in our Student Success database so we can provide individualized, holistic support and support you through the scholarship appeal process should that ever be necessary.

Your Promise

In exchange for the Purdue Promise scholarship and the aforementioned support, we expect that you commit to:

  1. Sign an annual support program participation agreement and uphold that agreement;
  2. Learn your 21st Century Scholar and Purdue Promise scholarship and support program requirements, and monitor your progress toward meeting those;
  3. Meet with your Purdue Promise Coach and complete the Purdue Promise courses and professional development modules as required to assist in your progress toward graduation and life after graduation;
  4. Strive for academic excellence, and utilize campus resources for assistance as referred by your Purdue Promise coach and/or academic advisor;
  5. Update Purdue Promise staff and myPurdue with any changes in your contact information;
  6. Discuss with your Purdue Promise coach any concerns you may have regarding financial aid, employment, academic issues and/or personal life issues that may negatively affect your academic performance; and
  7. Review the list of actions, behaviors, and issues that may impact your scholarship eligibility, and discuss any that apply to you with your Purdue Promise coach to avoid your scholarship(s) being jeopardized.

It is important to remember that the better that we understand the challenges and successes you are experiencing, the better we can support you and advocate for you. We try to be as proactive as possible in our support, and our goal is to help you maintain your scholarship and graduate. Please try to also be proactive in addressing concerns with us.

“Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise”

The “Once Purdue Promise, always Purdue Promise” commitment means all scholars will be offered continued support regardless of maintenance of “on scholarship” status.

Purdue Promise assists program participants through Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeals (for loss of all financial aid), Merit Appeals (for loss of Purdue Promise and/or Emerging Urban Leader awards), and State appeals (for loss of 21st Century Scholars awards). Students should contact the Purdue Promise Director for assistance.