STOP: Did you visit with Purdue Promise during STAR?

Before you can move through the following checklist you must have visited with Purdue Promise staff during STAR to sign your program participation agreement to confirm your Purdue Promise award. If you have not done so, please call 765-494-6357 to schedule a phone appointment with a Purdue Promise staff member to review program requirements and sign your agreement electronically.

Below is additional information about items that should be taken care of before returning to campus for BGR (or another orientation experience). You can also download a copy of the checklist below.

✓ Report private scholarships.

Financial aid regulations do not allow you to be over-awarded. This means you must report private scholarships to Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid (DFA) to have your aid package adjusted. If you have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of 0 and are fully funded through 21st Century Scholars and Purdue Promise, contact us before accepting private scholarships and reporting them to DFA. Instructions for reporting private scholarships can be found here.

✓ Recommended: Sign up for direct deposit. (Or update local address in myPurdue.)

Signing up for direct deposit is the fastest and safest method for receiving your refund if you are eligible to receive one. Direct deposit allows you to have access to your refund faster rather than waiting for a paper check to be mailed by the Bursar. It also prevents your check from being sent to the wrong address or landing in the wrong hands. We strongly recommend that you sign up, and do so more than 10 days before the start of the semester. Instructions can be found here. If you choose not to sign up for direct deposit, please make sure your local address is updated in myPurdue, as that is where your refund check will be mailed.

✓ Contact your roommate.

On-campus housing and roommate assignments are sent in June. Call or e-mail your roommate to introduce yourself. Decide together who will bring specific items for your shared space. Click here for a list of things to bring and not to bring.

✓ Sign up for a move-in time for BGR. (Information about move-in can be found here.)

You will receive instructions via your Purdue e-mail address directing you to a link to sign up for a move-in time with University Residences. You may move in Monday, August 15 or Tuesday, August 16, 2016. The BGR fees that Purdue Promise pays for include your room charges beginning August 15, and meal charges beginning with lunch on August 15. 

✓ Provide any final grades and transcripts, and transfer credit as needed.

All new students must provide an official final high school transcript. Work with your guidance counselor to have this sent to Admissions at Purdue. You can also find information on how to transfer credit to Purdue here.

✓ Accept financial aid loans, as needed, and complete Loan Entrance Counseling and your Master Promissory Note(s).

If you have an EFC, you will be offered loans for your EFC amount in case you do not have that money in hand to help finance your education. You should only accept these loans if you truly need the funds. If so, visit your Financial tab in myPurdue to accept them (in full or in partial amounts). Click here for instructions. When you accept loans you will have to do Loan Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note before funds can be disbursed. These action items will show as red flags on your Financial tab under “Financial Aid Requirements” in myPurdue. It is recommended you complete these items by August 1, 2016.

✓ Purchase or reserve textbooks.

Many students purchase their books at local bookstores during BGR. We recommend that you reserve them online prior to BGR via University Bookstore or Follett’s Purdue Bookstore. Purdue also now houses the first staffed Amazon store on campus. You can shop online and pick up your order in KRCH, where Purdue Promise offices are located. A word of caution when ordering online: be sure you are ordering the right edition! The best way to know is to check the ISBN. Do not buy a Purdue Mortar Board (planner). Purdue Promise provides this for all freshmen scholars. You will receive yours the first day of GS 197.

✓ View and pay (if necessary) your billing invoice.

Your bill will be sent to your Purdue e-mail address and will be accessible through the Financial tab in myPurdue in July. No paper statements will be mailed. This bill will be for your fall semester tuition/fees and room/board (if living on campus). If you have not received a bill by August 1, 2015, contact the Office of the Bursar. Bills are due by 5 p.m. the first day of classes. If you have a balance due and it is not paid by 4 p.m. the Monday after classes begin, your registration will be cancelled.

  • A negative balance means your financial aid covered your bill, and you can expect to receive in a refund.
  • Your TouchNet portal in myPurdue should show your financial aid crediting to your bill. If it is not, call us immediately!

✓ Confirm your enrollment.

Once you are registered full-time and your bill is paid in full, you must confirm your enrollment. If it is not done by 4 p.m. the Monday after classes begin, your registration will be cancelled. Instructions for confirming enrollment can be found here.

Download the Purdue Promise New Student Pre-BGR Checklist

Check Your E-mail

Also, make sure you are checking your Purdue email account on a regular basis. All official Purdue communication, including Purdue Promise, will be sent to your Purdue email address.


If you have more questions about the Purdue Promise support program, take a look at our "New Student" page for more information. Contact information for our staff is listed here.