Class of 2013

Fifth-Year Support Statement

Because the Purdue Promise Program only provides aid for four years, fifth-year students do not have any program requirements. Instead, we have designed a support statement that aligns with our "Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise" to ensure your success during your entire time at Purdue.


Purdue Promise Support Program  

2013-2014 Fifth Year Support Statement

As a fifth-year student, I understand I may not receive further financial support in the form of the 21st Century Scholars (TFCS) award, Purdue Opportunity Award, or Purdue Promise award, as outlined in previous agreements, unless I have remaining TFCS eligibility, which can be confirmed by visiting my TFCS e-student profile.  However, I understand I am still able (and encouraged) to utilize the academic and personal support resources offered by the Purdue Promise Support Program until I successfully graduate from Purdue University.

As a Fifth-Year Purdue Promise Support Program Participant, I acknowledge that I continue to have access to the following:

  1. Program tutoring from specially-trained Purdue Promise tutors;
  2. Academic, social, leadership, life skills, and financial coaching from a full-time Purdue Promise staff member;
  3. Periodic open study and social hours hosted by Purdue Promise, allowing me to meet new people and engage with program staff and student leaders; and
  4. Program sponsored workshops and social events.
    • Please note that if space or resources are limited, preference will be given to current program participants who still receive financial assistance from associated scholarship programs.

As a Fifth-Year Purdue Promise Support Program, I acknowledge that the program staff request that I:

  1. Check my Purdue e-mail daily and read all electronic messages/updates sent by Purdue Promise staff.
  2. Update Purdue Promise and myPurdue with any changes in my contact information.
  3. Discuss any concerns I may have, as such relates to academics, work, or personal life issues that may negatively affect my academic performance, with a member of Purdue Promise staff.
  4. Give my post-college contact information and plans to the Purdue Promise staff prior to graduation.

I have read and understand this statement. I am aware of the services that I am able to utilize during my remaining semesters at Purdue University, and recognize these resources are provided to assist in my successful completion of a Purdue degree. I may choose to opt in or out of these services at any time during my remaining time at Purdue University.