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"Once Purdue Promise, Always Purdue Promise"

Purdue Promise strives to create a family-away-from-home atmosphere through the support components that include:

Because this kind of support is so essential to a student's success at Purdue, participation in the support program is required to receive either the Emerging Urban Leader Scholarship, Purdue Opportunity Award,  or Purdue Promise Award.

We belive in helping you succeed at Purdue and will do all that we can to help you remain eligible for our financial aid package. We do realize, however, that events may arrise that prevent you from meeting our scholarship requirements. It is our promise to provide support to our students, regardless of whether they receive financial assistance from us or not. Once Purdue Promise, always Purdue promise so you are always eligible to take advantage of our services. A promise is a promise and we are here to see you through.