The Exploring Business Majors Learning Community is for first-year students in Exploratory Studies. This LC will help students explore different majors in Business at Purdue. Activities include presentations on various management fields (i.e. sports, non-profit, aerospace, etc.), preparing a meal for a local homeless shelter, a campus resource scavenger hunt, and pizza and bowling nights. Bi-weekly dinners with other LC students promote social interaction within the community. The goal of this LC is to help students find the right major in a business-related field at Purdue.

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  • First-time beginning students admitted to Exploratory Studies who have an interest in learning about business-related majors at Purdue
  • This LC is available to Honors College participants; those students will live in Shreve Hall with the Honors College and participate in the course(s) and activities of the LC.

Residential Component

  • OPTIONAL in Owen Hall
  • If you choose this option, your roommate in most cases will be a member of the LC
  • Completing a housing contract is a separate process from applying for the LC



Fall 2014 Semester

Associated Classes

Fall – EDPS 10500, MA 15300 or MA 22300


Events and Activities Included:

  • Boiler Challenge ropes course
  • Campus resource scavenger hunt
  • Information sessions on business-related majors around campus
  • Periodic meals with faculty members
  • Study groups
  • Guest speakers
  • Pizza and bowling night
  • Community service projects


Information above is subject to change. If you are placed in the LC, the associated courses will be on your schedule prior to you registering for the rest of your courses.