Guidelines for Instructor Teams

Evaluations of Purdue's learning communities confirm national findings about effective educational practices in undergraduate courses. These practices include careful advance organization of each community; student involvement in course activities, especially in the form of active learning; frequent and prompt faculty feedback on student assignments; and high expectations for student performance. Efforts to bring about deep learning rather than short-lived memorization pay off for students well after their learning community courses are over.

Semester Planning

Before the semester begins:

  • Discuss goals and expectations for your learning community. (How will the courses overlap? What teaching techniques will you employ? What kind of student group dynamics might you create?)
  • Coordinate syllabi: Students benefit most when they perceive that their course content is integrated and when they believe that their instructors are working as a team.
  • Complete a Learning Communities Team Plan.

During the first two weeks of classes

Four weeks into the semester

Mid-semester (October)

End of semester: