Selection Process



Committee Roster

Jared Tippets, co-chair

Director of Student Success at Purdue

Sharon Weiner, co-chair

Professor Of Library Science, W. Wayne Booker Chair for Information

Diane Beaudoin

Director of Assessment, Office of the Provost

Dennis Bowling

Assistant Dean for Student Services, College of Liberal Arts

Dan Carpenter

Associate Director of Student Success at Purdue

Laura Clavio

Assistant Director, Convocations and Lectures

Frank Freeman


Jim Gilligan

Assistant Director, Field Experiences, College of Education

Rachel Greene


Antwione Haywood

Senior Assistant Director of Student Success at Purdue

Christine Hrycyna

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Tara Star Johnson

Associate  Professor of English

Kate Kester

Marketing Associate, Libraries

Brooke Linn

Academic Advisor, College of Pharmacy

Clarence Maybee

Information Literacy Specialist, Libraries

Stephanie Mercado


Christopher Munt

Coordinator of Student Diversity Services, Diversity Resource Office

David Nelson

Assistant Director of Assessment and Evaluation, CIE

Song No

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and International Programs, College of Liberal Arts

Susan Owens


Gabriel Pirtle


Jim Pukrop

Senior Assistant Director of Student Success at Purdue

Catherine Fraser Riehle

Assistant Professor of Library Science, Instructional Outreach Librarian

Charles Ross

Professor, English

Yvonne Smith

Associate Director of Student Success at Purdue

Melanie Shoffner

Assistant Professor, English Education

Mitchell Springer

Associate Professor of Technology, Leadership & Innovation/Director of ProStar

Jeff Stefancic

Associate Dean of Students, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Nicole Zimmerman

Office of the Registrar