Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) is one of the many programs offered through the area of Student Success at Purdue within the Office of the Provost. It is a seven-day new student orientation program that will take place August 17-24th, 2014 and involve over 5,300 participants. What makes BGR such a unique experience is the small group size and peer mentor contact, which enable the students to become better acquainted with Purdue and meet hundreds of new students before classes begin. BGR has one of the largest student volunteer staff in the country with approximately 600 student volunteers, including ten Student Orientation Committee members, who work with all aspects of the program from planning to implementation, and 100 Team Supervisors who help train and supervise approximately 500 Team Leaders. Below are the student volunteer job descriptions.

Student staff of BGR

student staff


Student Orientation Committee (SOC)

The SOC is composed of one Chair and seven committee members. Each year, the number of members and the types of positions are evaluated to best meet the needs of the program. Following is a list of the current positions:

  • Chair- oversees the activities of the committee, acts as a liaison of BGR between the professional ONSP staff and the BGR program
  • Recruitment and Selection - organizes and implements a Team Leader recruitment campaign, and works with the professional staff to bring in speakers and activities for the week of BGR. Coordinates Team Supervisor and Team Leader selection process.
  • Orientation Initiatives -Help coordinate student staff for Winter Welcome and works with our diversity piece within BGR.  
  • Training and Development- Develops and executes all staff training initiatives including retreats and two-day intensive training before the program begins in August.

In addition to his/her specific responsibilities, each committee member is also required to fill in gaps in all aspects of the program. The SOC has a day-long planning retreat in the fall and one in the spring. They hold ten office hours per week. However, each SOC Chair works approximately 15 hours per week. Ten hours is an estimate including hours for weekly SOC meetings, Admissions events, and additional meetings. The SOC attends and assists with all BGR-related activities, meets on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of the committees, as well as addresses other concerns, and assists with many Office of Enrollment Management events. The group returns to campus one week before BGR begins to prepare for the arrival of the Team Supervisors, Team Leaders, and BGR participants.


 Team Supervisors

Team Supervisors are responsible for training, organizing, and motivating 6-9 Team Leaders and approximately 100 new students. Team Supervisors are selected in November and attend an overnight retreat in the fall. Throughout the year, Team Supervisors participate in bi-monthly training sessions as well as help facilitate spring Team Leader training sessions and two Team Leader retreats in the spring. They also participate in an August overnight retreat, as well as a two-day intensive training program right before the start of BGR. Team Supervisors are the motivators, organizers, and facilitators of the BGR Team Leaders.


Team Leaders

All BGR participants are assigned to a group of approximately 100 students within their residence hall. Within this group of approximately 100, participants are then placed in groups of 10-12 and assigned a Team Leader who will guide and lead the group for five consecutive days. Team Leaders are current Purdue students who facilitate team building activities, generate discussions about various program sessions, give campus tours, guide participants to all BGR activities and programs, and assist with events such as the University Resource Fair. Most importantly, Team Leaders answer the new students' questions, share their personal and academic experiences, and help our new Boilermakers get acclimated to their surroundings. Throughout the spring semester, Team Leaders participate in monthly training sessions and attend a one-day retreat in February or March. They also participate in a two-day intensive training program right before the start of BGR.


Why should I become Team Leader?

There are a variety of benefits associated with being a Team Leader.

You can...

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Serve as a mentor and friend to a group of 10-12 new students
  • Enhance public speaking skills
  • Learn more about campus resources and services
  • Become more familiar with campus buildings and surroundings
  • Meet and work with highly motivated and spirited individuals
  • Develop an even greater sense of pride in being a Purdue student
  • Interact with Purdue faculty and staff members
  • Meet hundreds of new people
  • Gain a sense of personal accomplishment
  • Come back to campus a week and a half early
  • Get free t-shirts and a water bottle
  • Take advantage of free food, giveaways and discounts
  • Receive recognition at the staff appreciation banquet
  • Create fabulous memories and unforgettable fun!


What do I need to do to become a Team Leader?

Team Leader applications are usually available in late January or early February. All Team Leader applicants will participate in a Group Activity Interview process designed to give applicants a taste of what the Team Leader position is like and to give the BGR staff a chance to evaluate each candidate. Candidates will participate in a number of activities during the interview and will be evaluated on their performance. All Team Leaders must be in good standing with Purdue, as well as University Residences, and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply and participate in the program. Throughout the spring semester, Team Leaders participate in monthly training sessions and are expected to attend a one-day retreat in February or March. They also will participate in a two-day, intensive training program before the start of the BGR.