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Fall 2014 SI-linked courses:

BIOL 110, BIOL 203, CHM 111, CHM 115, CHM 116, CHM 129, CS 158/9, CS 180, CS 240, MA 153, MA 158, MA 16010, MA 161, MA 162, ME 200, MGMT 200, MGMT 201, PHYS 172, PHYS 241

We recommend attending SI once a week!

Coming to SI once a week has many benefits, such as raising grades, learning more, and getting to know your peers.

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Supplemental Instruction (SI) is...

... weekly study sessions led by a peer who has successfully taken the course

... an informal study group where it's ok to make a mistake

... a place to share study tips

... a way to grasp tough material and break it down into understandable segments

... a way to save time, money and frustration

Watch the following video to see what students have to say about SI

What SI Participants had to say ...

What helped me the most was the guidance I recieved when solving problems. I learned the material in class, but wasn't sure of myself. I went to SI to try some practice problems, and the leaders were always there to watch step-by-step to point out exactly where I was going wrong, or to confirm that I knew what I was doing. SI helped me iron out the rough patches and reinforce what I knew.

It was more personal and was easier to ask questions.

What helped me the most at SI was the peer leader asking questions like, "why did you take that step there? Why didn't you do this instead?" It really helped me to think about why I was taking the steps I did and why I was able to come to the answer that I did.

Learning the concepts from someone who can explain it at a normal level.

The thing that helped me most with SI sessions was the small group (5-10 students) atmosphere, which I prefer to one on one sessions. It also helped me to see other practice problems rather than textbook or webassign problems.