GS 29000: Study Skills Seminar (3 credits) 

Do you want to learn what cognitive science has to say about the best ways to learn?

Do you want to practice changing your behavior to reach your academic goals?

This IMPACT (Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation) course incorporates team-based learning to foster student confidence in using evidence-based strategies and self-regulation skills to strengthen learning.

(Not open to students with credit in GS 29500) Freshmen & Sophomores only.

GS 29001: Academic Success Skills (1 credit) 

Do you want to strengthen your approaches to studying?

This course exploes essential study skills for creating success in college through in-class activies and application of strategies. This course aims to support your success in all of your other courses. 

(Not open to students with credit in GS 29500)  Freshmen and Sophomores only