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Scholastic Records

    1. Good Standing

      For purposes of reports and communications to other institutions or agencies, and in the absence of any further qualifications of the term, a student shall be considered in good standing unless he/she has been dismissed, suspended, or dropped from the University and not readmitted.

    2. Transcripts

      Any student or former student of the University whose record is not encumbered for any reasons described hereafter shall, upon written application to the registrar, be entitled to receive (1) a transcript of his/her complete record and/or (2) a certificate of completion. The registrar is authorized to issue such records upon the written request of the student or former student. The transcript shall consist of a full and complete copy of the student's academic record.

    3. The Certificate of Completion

      The certificate of completion shall contain:

      (1) the dates of attendance; (2) a summary of the courses successfully completed; and (3) a statement, "This is a summary of the courses successfully completed. An official transcript showing all courses taken may be obtained from the registrar, upon authorization by the student."

      The certificate of completion shall be issued only to students who have completed at least two semesters of resident work in the University. A certificate fee shall be charged for each copy of this certificate.

    4. Encumbrance

      A student's official record may be encumbered:

      1. By the comptroller for nonpayment of fees, deposits, residence hall charges, or any other sums owed to the University.
      2. By the Business Office Student Organizations, countersigned by the dean of students, in the case of a responsible officer or officers of any student organization that has a delinquent account due to the University.
      3. By the dean of students for disciplinary reasons.
      4. By the director of the Student Health Center countersigned by the dean of students, for medical reasons.

        A degree candidate who is in arrears to the University may be denied his/her diploma until his/her financial record is cleared.

        The request for the encumbrance of a student's record shall be filed with the Office of the Registrar and shall indicate whether either or both the registration of the student and/or the issuance of a transcript, certificate of completion, or diploma is to be encumbered. When the record is thus encumbered, no transcript or certificate of completion shall be issued. Such encumbrances shall remain until the registrar is notified to disencumber the record by the officer responsible. It is the responsibility of the officer lifting the encumbrance to immediately notify the registrar so as to clear the record of the student.

        Students in arrears to the University shall not be recommended for degrees. The clearance of a student's financial obligation on or before the Friday before commencement, or by a corresponding date in the first semester or in the summer session, shall be essential for graduation. If a student so delinquent clears his/her obligation later, his/her diploma may be released.

    5. Record of Actions on Transcripts

      No entry of disciplinary action shall be recorded on transcripts.

    6. Replacement of Diplomas (Board of Trustees minutes, July 10, 1975)

      A replacement diploma shall be issued to the original holder, upon his/her affidavit, certifying to the loss or damage of the original diploma and upon payment of the cost of reproducing the diploma in its original format.

    7. Duplicate Diplomas (University Senate Document 12-3, February 18, 2013)

      A duplicate diploma shall be issued to the original holder of the diploma upon payment of the cost of reproducing the duplicate diploma.  The duplicate diploma will be marked as "Duplicate," in plain sight.