2008-2014 Strategic Plan

Working Groups

Student experience:

Jackie Jimerson (chair), director of multicultural programs in the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences; Randy Roberts (co-chair), distinguished university professor of history; Drew Koch, director of student access, transition and success programs; Dale Whittaker, associate dean and director of academic programs, College of Agriculture; John Campbell, associate vice president, IT teaching and learning technologies; Barb Frazee, executive director, University Residences; Amy McManama, vice president, Purdue Student Government, student in management; Massimiliano Adelmo Giorgini, graduate student in foreign languages and literatures; Sam Axley, APSAC member, assistant director of recreational sports.

Large-scale research and infrastructure:

Mark Lundstrom (chair), the Scifres Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Marietta Harrison (co-chair), professor of medicinal chemistry and director of Oncological Sciences Center; Phil Low, the Ralph C. Corley Distinguished Professor of Chemistry; Alan Rebar, executive director of Discovery Park; Monika Ivantysynova, professor of agricultural and biological engineering and mechanical engineering; Eli Asem, associate dean for research, School of Veterinary Medicine; Christian Hans, graduate student, agronomy; Jeff Gunsher, APSAC member, associate director for industry relations, office of vice president for research.

Economic development:

Joe Pekny (chair), professor of chemical engineering and director of the e-Enterprise Center; Charlene Sullivan (co-chair), associate professor of management; Sam Cordes, co-director of the Center for Regional Development, College of Agriculture; Greg Deason, director of Purdue Research Park; Jesse Moore, director of supplier diversity development; Maureen Huffer, APSAC member, associate director of Krannert graduate and career studies; Melissa Markofski, graduate student, health and kinesiology; Joe Seaman, community member, president and CEO, Lafayette-West Lafayette Development Corp.

Quality of life in the workplace:

Cynthia Stauffacher (chair), professor of biological sciences; Charles Santerre (co-chair), professor of foods and nutrition; Klod Kokini, associate dean for academic affairs, College of Engineering; Carolyn Johnson, director, Diversity Resource Office; Leonard Seidel, APSAC member, director of catering and events, Purdue Memorial Union; Mallory Schaus, executive director of programming, Purdue Student Government, student in engineering; Danielle Sheese, CSSAC member, secretary, College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences.


Dan Hirleman (chair), the William E. and Florence E. Perry Head of Mechanical Engineering; Beverly Sypher (co-chair), associate provost for special initiatives, professor of communication; James Lowenberg-DeBoer, associate dean, director of international programs in agriculture, College of Agriculture; Mileta Tomovic, interim department head, professor of mechanical engineering technology; David Radcliffe, professor of engineering education; Pankaj Sharma, associate director, Discovery Park; Mike Brzezinski, associate dean of international programs, director of International Students and Scholars; John Westercamp, student, School of Management; Elaine Bahler, CSSAC member, library assistant, Purdue Libraries.

Campus design:

William Harper (chair), head of the Department of Health and Kinesiology; Robin Bellinger (co-chair), campus master plan committee member, associate vice president for advancement; Kim Wilson, professor of horticulture and landscape architecture; Paul Shepson, professor of chemistry, and earth and atmospheric sciences; John Collier, campus master planning committee member, director of campus planning; Peter Caldwell, student in horticulture and landscape architecture; Jamie Hendershot, CSSAC member, clerk, University Development Office.

Synergies between science/engineering and liberal arts/social sciences:

Susan Curtis (chair), professor of history and associate dean for interdisciplinary programs and engagement in the College of Liberal Arts; Bill Oakes (co-chair), associate professor of engineering education, director of Engineering Projects in Community Service; Melba Crawford, assistant dean of agriculture; Hong Tan, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; Glenn Parker, distinguished professor of political science; Chris Sahley, professor of biological sciences and associate dean of the College of Science; Jeffrey Raker, graduate student in chemistry; Cynthia Dalton, CSSAC member, secretary, mechanical engineering; Barrie Simpson, community member, Mega Brands, Lafayette.

Attracting new students to STEM careers:

Gabriela Weaver (chair), associate professor of chemistry and curriculum and instruction; Kamyar Haghighi (co-chair), head of engineering education, professor of agricultural and biological engineering; Chris Foster, director of K-12 STEM programs, Discovery Park; Sidney Moon, associate dean for learning and engagement, College of Education; Roger Tormoehlen, head and professor of youth development and agricultural education; Douglas Cook, graduate student in engineering; Pam Phegley, APSAC member, clinical rotation and mentorship coordinator, School of Veterinary Medicine.