Global Policy Research Institute

Global Policy Research Institute
Task Force Members

S. Laurel Weldon, Task Force Chair
Associate Professor, Political Science

Diane Denis, Co-chair
Senior Associate Dean, School of Management

Joe Pekny, Co-chair
Interim Head, Industrial Engineering

Carolyn Curiel, Launch Coordinator
Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Steven Abel
Department Head, School of Pharmacy Practice

Lynn Bryan
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction/Physics

Richard Buckius
Vice President for Research

Melba Crawford
Assistant Dean, Agriculture and Engineering

Melissa Dark
Assistant Dean, Technology

J. Eric Dietz
Associate Professor, Computer and Information Technology

Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth
Director, Military Family Research Institute

Will Masters
Associate Head, Agricultural Economics

Timothy Ratliff
Director, Cancer Center

Bert Rockman
Head, Political Science

Mark T.J. Smith
Dean, The Graduate School

Gene Spafford
Professor, Computer Science/Assurance and Security

Beverly Davenport Sypher
Office of the Provost

Wally Tyner
Professor, Agriculture Economics/Bio Fuels