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The mission of Purdue University is to serve the citizens of Indiana, the United States, and the world through discovery that expands the realm of knowledge, learning through dissemination and preservation of knowledge, and engagement through exchange of knowledge.

Discovery: Grounded in the most advanced theoretical, empirical, and applied methods, the University’s programs of research, scholarship, and creative endeavor expand the realm of knowledge across a wide range of academic disciplines.

Learning through dissemination and preservation: The University promotes and champions learning by providing a variety of instructional settings where students and faculty can share and create new knowledge. It distributes knowledge to an audience of peers and citizens through a great diversity of academic literature and professional activities. In its libraries and other archives, the University serves as the repository and facilitator of access to a rich accumulation of human information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Engagement through exchange: Through its programs of knowledge exchange and application, the University helps put knowledge to work to create new opportunities that advance our society and solve a variety of technical and social problems.

In all these activities, the University seeks to:

  • Prepare its graduates to succeed as leaders, professionals, informed consumers, responsible citizens, and lifelong learners;
  • Admit to its programs an academically proficient population of students pursuing post-secondary education;
  • Reach out to an expanded audience of learners through residential and distance education utilizing a variety of learning media and technologies;
  • Play a leadership role in Indiana's economic and social development;
  • Promote human and intellectual diversity by providing equal access and opportunity to representatives of a rich variety of populations and cultures; and
  • Contribute to the welfare and advancement of human societies throughout the world.

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