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Purdue has entered the implementation stage of this strategic plan as a result of the plan's approval by the Board of Trustees on November 2, 2001. Each school, department, and other academic as well as nonacademic unit will develop respective strategic plans during the 2001-02 academic year. These plans will require the approval of the President prior to implementation.

As it implements this strategic plan, Purdue will demonstrate a culture of resource development, planning, and allocation that is driven by strategic plan priorities. Simultaneously, a culture of data-driven decision making will be pervasive across the campus while a sustainable, well-crafted system to assess Purdue's progress on the strategic plan goals also will be implemented. Purdue will assess and report its progress to the Board of Trustees annually based on the strategic plan goals and metrics as well as on the benchmark measures for comparison with Purdue's peer institutions.

Together with the Board of Trustees, and the constituents it serves, Purdue looks forward to building critical resources and implementing this strategic plan to achieve its vision for The Next Level: Preeminence.

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