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Goal 1 — Discovery: Achieve and sustain preeminence in discovery


  • Discovery in the forms of research, scholarship, and creative endeavor of the finest quality and greatest scope and depth — with excellence in all disciplines, constituting an outstanding comprehensive University

  • An agenda for discovery that is aligned with state, national, and global needs and interests

  • World leadership in the basic and applied sciences, engineering, and other technological endeavors
  • A faculty and staff of the highest academic and professional stature and achievement
  • Significance and impact of research and scholarship in all disciplines, heightened awareness of issues of citizenship and acculturation, and enhanced historic, literary, social, economic, and global perspectives
  • A stimulating and supportive, state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes informational, technical, facility, and human resources
  • Model interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors grounded in the strengths of academic disciplines
  • Superior graduate programs and active involvement of undergraduate students in research
  • A diverse yet cohesive academic environment where faculty, students, and professional staff engage in a rich mix of human and intellectual activities

Key Strategies for Goal 1


Goal 2 — Learning: Attain and preserve excellence in learning through programs of superior quality and value in every academic discipline


  • Comprehensive, learner-centered educational programs, strengthened by breadth and depth in curricula, and appropriate support services, that prepare learners to be innovative and to excel in their future academic and professional pursuits
  • Core competencies of learners in critical thinking, communication skills, information literacy, information technology, and methods of inquiry; teaching students how to learn; and sensitizing them to the values, ethical principles, and global perspectives implicit in their studies
  • An academic climate and environment that foster human and academic diversity, promote interactive, experiential, interdisciplinary, individual, and team-based learning, and develop a commitment to a lifelong search for knowledge and wisdom
  • Enhanced faculty involvement in advancing learning, and faculty excellence in improving learning outcomes

  • A superior infrastructure including facilities that foster learning excellence

  • Educational enrichment opportunities through programs and services that foster leadership and illuminate and demonstrate their relevance to life experiences

Key Strategies for Goal 2


Goal 3 — Engagement: Effectively address the needs of society through engagement


  • Effective partnerships with public and private agencies and organizations as well as among disciplines within the University community to respond to a variety of social, environmental, and economic development needs
  • A position of national leadership in knowledge and technology transfer
  • Leadership initiatives that improve quality of life and well being at the state, national, and international levels

  • A vital role for the University in strengthening Indiana's economy and improving the qualifications of the state's workforce

  • Responsive civic engagement that addresses professional development, continuing education, and lifelong learning needs of the citizens of Indiana, the nation, and the world
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with other educational institutions in Indiana and the United States and abroad, private sector partners, alumni, patrons, retirees, and friends

  • Integration of Purdue's engagement initiatives with its discovery and learning missions

Key Strategies for Goal 3

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