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On November 2, 2001, the Purdue Board of Trustees adopted a five-year strategic plan to make Purdue a preeminent university with strategies to advance quality in all areas, lead the world in basic and applied sciences and engineering, and contribute to societal progress, especially in Indiana. A strategic plan defines an institution's goals and objectives and provides the basis for systematic and continuous improvement.

"This plan will take not only Purdue, but also the state of Indiana, to the next level of excellence," said Purdue President Martin Jischke. "This is more than just an academic exercise. Purdue is employing good management practices, defining its mission and setting measurable objectives. This is critical: Opportunity is limitless but resources are finite. Purdue cannot be all things to all people, and it must know its mission so it can use resources wisely."

The plan for the West Lafayette Campus calls for $156 million annually in new resources that will support discovery, learning, and engagement, leading to a wide range of advancements in undergraduate learning, interdisciplinary research, and economic development for Indiana. Additional funding information is available by selecting the funding link on this page.

Highlights of the plan for the West Lafayette Campus include investments that will:

  • Enhance learning by increasing the number of faculty in undergraduate classrooms and decreasing the reliance on graduate teaching assistants and temporary faculty; providing more experiential learning opportunities through such efforts as internships, study abroad, and community service; and creating new academic and support programs.
  • Expand interdisciplinary research capacity and visionary initiatives.
  • Advance diversity among faculty, staff and students.
  • Preserve student access to education through expanded financial aid.
  • Ensure faculty and staff excellence through competitive compensation and supportive resources.
  • Strengthen the University's infrastructure, especially facilities and information technology.
  • Engage government and business leaders to advance economic development.

"It is my hope that in five years, as a result of strategic planning, Purdue and all of its campuses will be better institutions in terms of mission, reputation, and impact — more strategically focused, more engaged with Indiana and beyond, more diverse, more accountable, and better funded," Jischke said.

President Jischke launched Purdue's planning process in early March 2001 and strategic planning task forces were established on the West Lafayette, Calumet, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and North Central campuses. (To learn more about the strategic plans of other Purdue campuses, select the campus name above.) The task forces, made up of faculty, staff, students, and alumni on each campus, met weekly for four months to prepare drafts of the plans. The strategic plan timeline provides an overview of task force work.

Purdue now begins the implementation of this strategic plan. Each school, department, and other academic as well as nonacademic unit will develop respective strategic plans during the 2001-02 academic year. A complete copy of the proposed West Lafayette strategic plan is available on this Web site by using the links at left or as a PDF file.

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