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Who has to comply with this policy?

All university employees, students, or visitors on the West Lafayette campus.

What does smoke-free mean?

It means that smoking will be prohibited both indoors and outdoors on the entire grounds of the campus, including in all vehicles owned or leased by the University.

Is there anywhere I can smoke?

Smoking is permitted inside privately owned, closed vehicles. In addition, the Executive Vice President for Business and Finance and Treasurer may grant the designation of smoking areas on the West Lafayette campus.

View a map of designated smoking areas.

How far away from the smoking urn can I smoke?

While maintaining the 30’ perimeter from any building, in general, smokers should be within a few steps of the smoking urn/ash buttler – not more than 10 feet away. 

Why did Purdue make this change?

The health of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is our number one concern. Smoking and secondhand smoke can increase a person’s risk for heart disease, cancer, and respiratory problems, just to name a few. According to the EPA, there is no safe exposure level to secondhand smoke.

As an employer, Purdue University is burdened by increased medical costs, higher insurance rates, added maintenance expenses, lower productivity, and higher absenteeism rates when our faculty and staff smoke.

Have all Purdue campuses instituted this policy?

All Purdue campuses have a non-smoking policy, but the details of each policy are at the discretion of each campus’s administration.

Can I get assistance if I want to quit smoking?

Smoking cessation programs are available to those who are ready to quit. See the list of resources.