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Program Expectations

CoolSign Program Participation Expectations
The CoolSign program follows the SMARTcomputing model and provides a centralization of some resources for efficiency and a decentralization for effectiveness   The following roles are defined as part of this CoolSign support.
  • (Central Support)SMARTcomputing Program Manager is responsible for:
    • Recommending Hardware Standards
    • Maintaining the Cost Model
    • Maintaining partnership with ITSO on server support
    • Managing service catalog and partnerships with participants
    • Manages purchasing model with vendors
    • Standardize the baseline software and configurations
    • Communications and marketing of program
    • Lifecycle planning
    • Administrator and content training
    • Serves as backup to CoolSign Administrator for manager users, groups and security permissions
    • Work with participants to enhance system capabilities, identify best practices and promote integration with existing systems
    • Promote new system feature and capabilities
  • (Central Support)SMARTcomputing SCCM Administrator is responsible for:
    • Managing the "player" image that is pushed to the CoolSign player
    • Managing the standard hardware software and driver collection
    • Create pushes and manage CoolSign user software
    • Manage the collections on the SCCM console
    • Coordinate with CoolSign Administrator to identify issues and test  new hardware drivers
  • (Central Support)CoolSign Administrator is responsible for:
    • Installing and maintaining the CoolSign server software
    • Manages and oversees the CoolSign player software updates
    • Coordinates the CoolSign user software updates
    • Manage technical relationships with ITSO, SCCM and database administrators
    • Provide technical expertise in server administration and act as first point of contact for ITSO technical services
    • Maintain the development server environment
    • Troubleshoot CoolSign server software operations
    • Provide 2nd tier troubleshooting assistance to participants
    • Manage users and groups, i.e. security permissions
    • Manage subnet allocations and DHCP administration for players
  • (Departmental Support)Customer responsibilities include:
    • Appointing department contact to coordinate with SMARTcomputing Program Manage and/or CoolSign Administrator any technical issues regarding the CoolSign player or CoolSign software installed on the desktops.  This contact is the first point of contact by the department for troubleshooting CoolSign issues.
    • Managing overall computing system(player) and security
    • Assignment of equipment into SCCM collections for software pushes or arrangements to install software manually on the computers
    • Ordering and funding for installation of network PIC, electrical needs securing equipment as needed
    • Purchase of players and displays as needed
    • Installation of player and displays
    • Design and updates of content for the Department player
    • Coordinate and inform SMARTcomputing Manager and/or CoolSign Administrator of departmental changes, for example adds and removals of users
    • Adherence to University polices and guidelines and requirements for content and appropriate display placement


The CoolSign program is governed by two committees, the SMARTcomputing Executive Oversight Committee (EOC) and the Digital Signage Steering Committee (DSSC). The EOC is made up of all the IT Directors participating in the SMARTcomputing program and is tasked with resolving issues escalated from the DSSC, decision-making on changes to program scope, budget or policy.  The DSSC is made up from a representative from each area participating in the CoolSign program.  This committee is tasked with making decisions on issues regarding technical designs, making recommendations of issues regarding policy and hence escalating the issue to the EOC.

The SMARTcomputing Technical Steering Committee (TSC) may serve in an advisory role to the CoolSign DSSC as appropriate.