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Cool Sign

SMARTcomputing CoolSign provides a central Digital Signage program, built on CoolSign software that promotes a managed, enterprise solution for sharing and distributing content across campus.

The benefits of this program over stand-alone digital signage implementations include:
  • Flexibility
  • Use of common standard hardware, nonproprietary
  • Sharing of content across campus areas
  • Urgent messages displayed easily
  • Dynamic Content Management integration
  • Training Opportunities
  • Central Control managed by ITaP
  • Low staffing costs
  • Up to the minute adaptability
  • Central Software distribution
  • Reduced complexity
Components of the Digital Signage Model are:
  • Network Central Server supported through ITaP running Haivision Coolsign Content Manager Software
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Players (pc's and displays)
  • Shared processes and shared content
For more information on how to participate in this program please contact the SMARTcomputing Office staff using the follow address:
SMARTcomputingOffice@purdue.edu or Diane Hawkins 49-62526.

Current Hardware Configurations/Recommendations
Price Considerations/Rate Model
Program Participation Considerations