Lean Six Sigma Sample Video File and Sample Flash Paper File

Sample video for testing your hardware/software setup

Click on this link to see if your computer setup is adequate for viewing the recorded lectures in the online Lean Six Sigma courses.

Sample lecture video

If your computer doesn’t respond with a left click of the mouse,
try a right click to save the file to your computer for viewing. You can also visit the FAQ page which has several options to try for viewing the lecture videos.

FAQ Page with Answers to Video Play Questions


Sample Flash Paper file for testing your ability to access course materials in online Lean Six Sigma series

Most of the reading materials within the online Lean Six Sigma courses are in the Flash Paper format (.swf file). It is important that you have the ability to open and view (or print) these files from your computer if you are planning to enroll in the online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Advanced Lean Principles and Tools or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Please click on this link to see if your computer setup is adequate for opening this type of file. (You can also right click on the file and save it to your computer). If you don’t have success viewing this file, make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player on your machine. It is available for free download.

Sample Flash Paper File



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