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University Resources Policy

Architectural and Landscape Design and Planning

Master Planning: Periodically review the master plan including land use, facility location, access, circulation systems, transportation, outdoor space, and utility systems. Periodically review plans for proposed new facilities for conformance to the master plan. Evaluate and recommend changes to the master plan. Provide guidance to the vice president for physical facilities on the physical master plan as it affects the academic mission of the University and the quality of life for students, faculty, and staff. 2) Design Criteria: Review general design criteria; evaluate and suggest alternatives where appropriate. Advise the vice president for physical facilities on matters of building and landscape design concerns from the user’s viewpoint. Periodically review overall campus appearance and make recommendations for improvements. Communicate the results of reviews and recommendations to other University committees including the Parking and Traffic Committee. 3) Special Advice: Assist the vice president for physical facilities on providing appropriate information on the Development Office for fund raising projects. Review the biennial capital construction on request for conformance to the academic mission of the University and the master plan. Upon request by the vice president for physical facilities, provide advice on matters relating to architectural and landscape design and planning.

David Barbarash (HORT, 2018)
Paul Brown (Forestry and Natural Resources, 2020)
Donatella Danielli-Garofalo (MATH, 2019)
Patricia Davies, CHAIR (ME, 2019)
Joan Fulton (Ag. Econ., 2017)
Ramses Martinez (Industrial ENGR and BIO ENGR, 2020)
Sean Rotar (HORT, 2017)

Brad Bowen (University Engineer and Senior Director of Asset Management)
Michael Cline (VP Physical Facilities)
Larry Fusaro (University Architect)
Michael Gulich (VP for Physical Facilities, 2017)
Jason Wasson (Chief Operations Office)

Chrishan Fernando (SCI, 2017)

Budget Interpretation, Evaluation and Review Committee

The Committee shall be charged with continuing to collect and analyze data about Purdue’s revenues and appropriations and to convey information about Purdue's budgetary policies to the Senate. Furthermore, with coordination and consultation with the University Resources Policy Committee, this Committee will work with the fiscal officers of the administration to examine and evaluate budgetary policies.

Nominating Committee Appointments:
Larry DeBoer, CHAIR (Ag. Econ.)
Ricky Foster (ENT, 2017)
April Ginther (English, 2018)
John McConnell (MGMT, 2019)

(URPC Liaison)
Melissa Johnson (Office of EVP&F Liaison)
Jolene King (Office of VPPF Liaison)
Connie Lapinskas (Provost Office Liaison)

Library Committee

The committee shall be concerned with planning a long-range program for the University libraries and the schools of the University on current and planned academic and research programs which have library implications. It shall continually evaluate library services, facilities and collections, and shall advise the president concerning policies and administration of the libraries of the University. The committee shall be represented on any ad hoc committees formed to deal with library matters. Where possible, committee faculty members shall also be members of their school library committees.


Sylvie M. Brouder, CHAIR (AG, 2018)
Karen Chang (APN, 2018)
Ann Marie Clark (POL SCI, 2017)
Joel R. Ebarb (Visual & Performing Arts, 2019)
Megan L. Purcell (HDFS, 2017)
Maria Cristina Santagata (CE, 2018)
Trevor I. Stamper (Entomology, 2019)

Amit Shah (Polytechnic Institute, 2017)

Amber Nickell (Interdisciplinary Studies, 2017)

Business Office Liaison:
Kristi Hartwick

Dean of Libraries:

James L. Mullins

Parking and Traffic

The committee shall make a continuing systematic review of parking and traffic needs and possible solutions in the light of the University growth, faculty and student needs, and campus beautification, including regulations for the control of parked vehicles and traffic flow. It shall recommend policies for parking and traffic movement. It shall advise the president on plans and regulations for parking and traffic movement.

Hazar Nicholas Dib (BCMT, 2018)
Jeffrey Haddad (H&K, 2017)
Andrew S. Hirsch, CHAIR (Physics, 2017)
Jonathan Neal (Entomology, 2018)
Elizabeth Richards (Nursing, 2018)
Dengfeng Sun (Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering 2019)

Kyle Miller (Mechanical Engineering, 2017)
Adam Williams (Chemical Engineering, 2017)


APSAC Representative:
Adrienne Albrecht - primary (2018)
Abby Hostetler - backup (2018)

CSSAC Representative:
Philp Cederquist (2017)
Michael Hicks (2019)

Administrative Staff:
Shianne Holsclaw (Secretary)

Other Reps:
Leslie Charters - Director of Student Legal Services, ODOS

Ex officio:


Staff Appeal Board for Traffic Regulations

Members of the board should become thoroughly familiar with the Motor Vehicle, Bicycle, and Traffic Regulations at Purdue University. The board shall hear and determine all appeals made to it by staff members on charges of violations of the regulations cited.

Azza Ahmed (Nursing, 2019)
Roy Dejoie (KRAN, 2017)
Brian Leung, CHAIR (ENGL, 2018)
Douglas Keith (CMT, 2017)
Muhsin Menekse (ARMS, 2018)
John A. Nyenhuis (ECE, 2018)

CSSAC Representatives:
R. Allen Bol, CHAIR (Libraries, 2017)

APSAC Representatives:
Mike Piggott (Community Relations, 2018)

Sustainability Committee

The purpose of the committee shall be to set five-year goals to advance the sustainability of the university, guided by Purdue University’s Sustainability Strategic Plan including but not limited to reducing overall energy consumption and transitioning to greater utilization of clean and renewable sources of energy, determine measurable objectives for achieving these goals, and evaluate progress in meeting the objectives.

Faculty Members Appointed by URPC:
Jonathon Day, Interim Chair (HTM)
Richard Johnson-Sheehan (English)
William Hutzel (Engineering Technology)



CSSAC Member:
Teresa Greenwalt (IT, 2018)

APSAC Member:

Regional Campus Faculty Members:

Regional Campus Student Members:

Nominating Committee Appointments:
Dulcy Abraham (CIV ENGR, 2018)
Jonathon Day(Hotel and Tourism Management, 2018)
Michael Gunderson (AG ECON, 2018)
Steve Hallett ( Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, 2018)
Matthew Lister (PHYS, 2018)
Vilas Pol (Chemical ENGR, 2018)
Shripad Revankar (Nuclear Engineering, 2019)

Visual Arts

The committee shall study, promote, and foster in cooperation with appropriate academic departments and/or campus organizations, means of stimulating a heightened cultural atmosphere on campus through the visual arts. It shall plan and develop a program of acquisition, maintenance, and display of arts and artifacts for the University that will create an atmosphere in which aesthetic appreciation of diverse kinds will be fostered among students, staff, and citizenry.

Jasmine Begeske (ED ST, 2017)
TJ Boisseau (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program CLA, 2018)
Jan A. Cover (Philosophy, 2019)
Esteban Garcia (CGT, 2018)
David Hovde, CHAIR (LIBR, 2018)
Claudia Mornout (SLHS, 2017)
Karla Ross (NURS, 2017)
Steve Visser (Visual and Performing Arts, 2018)

Corcharnelia Martin (HHS, 2017)
Elizabeth Rayes (Pre-Pharmacy, 2017)
Liz Walker (LA, 2017)

Other Members:
Harry Bulow (VPA)
Anthony Cawdron (President's Office)
Marian Delp (Lending Collection)
K. Roswarski (Fac. Planning)