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Student Affairs

NameTitleOfficePhoneTerm Ends
Pam Aaltonen Nursing JNSN 44041 2018
Brad Alge Management RAWL 44483 2019
*Caren (Hanley) Archer Assistant Dean, Office of the Dean of Students YONG 2019
*Heather Beasley Student Activities, Organizations and Krach Leadership Center KRCH 48909 2019
Chris Clifton Computer Science LWSN 46005 2019
Mary Comer Electrical and Computer Engineering MSEE 43486 2018
Donna M. Fekete Biological Sciences LILY 63058 2018
Edward Fox Psychological Sciences PRCE 45917 2018
 Rusty Jones Chair, Theatre|School of Visual & Performing Arts PAO 40973 2019
 Chuck Krousgrill Mechanical Engineering ME 45738 2017
*Linda Mason Associate Dean, The Graduate School YONG 62295 2019
Kenji Matsuki Mathematics MATH 41970 2019
Carlos Morales Computer Graphics Technology KNOY 47204 2018
Robert Nowack  Vice Chair and Earth, Atomspheric and Planetary Sciences HAMP 45978 2017
Jon Story Nutrition Science STON 46843 2019
 Kip Williams Psychological Sciences PSYC 40845 2017
Sam Eschker PSG Representative, Student Success, Science YONG 2017
Sam Freedlund PSG Representative, Science 2017
Jacob Goedde PSG Representative, Student Service-Instruction, Education LILY 2017
Kenny Nguyen PSG Representative, Science LILY 2017
Brett Turek  PSG Representative, College of Health and Human Sciences 2017
Rushabh Banthia PGSG Representative, Intercollegiate Athletics Administration BRES 2017
Dina Verdin PGSG Representative, Engineering Ed ARMS 2017

* Indicates Advisor
Indicates Chairperson
Indicates Vice Chairperson