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Athletic Affairs

The committee shall (1) promote high standards in intercollegiate athletics, (2) study, review, and approve all changes in rules, regulations, or legislative matters affecting the conduct of the intercollegiate athletic program of the University, (3) approve all schedules of athletic events, (4) act as an advisory and consultative body to the University Senate, the president, the director of Intercollegiate Athletics and to the faculty representative to the Intercollegiate Conference on matters of policy affecting intercollegiate athletics. On those matters of intercollegiate athletics appropriate for faculty decision (e.g. White Resolutions), the Athletic Affairs Committee shall act for the faculty, provided that at least six of the voting faculty members concur with its action; otherwise University Senate action shall be required. Within one week of its action for the faculty a report will be forwarded to the Student Affairs Committee for review and appropriate action.

Joseph Camp, Secretary of Faculties & Professor CPB (2019)
Natalie Carroll, CHAIR, Youth Dev. & Ag Education (2018)
Nathan Hartman, CGT (2020)
Stacy Holden, History (2022)
Jessica Huber, Speech, Language, Hearing Sci (2021)

Faculty Athletic Representatives:
Marcy Towns, Chemistry
Phillip Vanfossen

Student Affairs Liaison:
Jon Story, Nutritional Psychology(2017)

Brian Carter (2017)

Administrative Members:
Mike Bobinski (IAA)
Nancy Cross (IAA) 
Beth McCuskey (VPSA)
Ed Howat (IAA) 
Tom Mitchell ex-officio (IAA)
Calvin Williams (IAA)

Alumni Representatives:
Tony Albrecht (2018)
Gary Henriott, Henriott Group (2018)

Sue Holder, Holder Law Office (2018)