Standing Committees: Faculty Affairs

Censure and Dismissal Procedures

Members of this committee shall become thoroughly familiar with Principles and Policies for Academic Freedom, Responsibilities and Tenure, and Procedures for Termination of Faculty Appointments for Cause as found in Executive Memorandum B-48.

Donatella Danielli-Garofalo (MATH, 2016)
Otto Doering (Ag. Econ., 2016)
Peter Dunn (Entomology, 2016)
Stephen Elliott (IT, 2016)
Nathan Hartman (CGT, 2017)
Peter Hirst (HORT, 2018)
Samuel Liles (CIT, 2016)
JoAnn Miller (SOC, 2016)
Philip Mick (AT, 2016)
J. Paul Robinson (BMS, 2016)
Christie Sahley (Biol. Sci., 2016)
Lia Stanciu (ME, 2016)


Fabrice Baudoin (Mathematics, 2018)
Geoge Bodner (CHM, 2017)
Paul Brown (Forestry & Natural Resources, 2018)
Christopher Eckhardt (Psychological Sciences, 2018)
Richard Ghiselli (HTM, 2016)
Reuben R. Goforth (Forestry and Natural Resources, 2018)
Michael Gunderson (Agricultural Economics, 2018)
Michael Johnston (English, 2018)
Jan Lugowski (Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2018)
Michael Schutz (ANM SCI, 2017)
Melanie Shoffner (English, 2018)
Vicki Simpson (Nursing, 2018)
Jean Stiles (VCS, 2016)
David Umulis (Agricultural & Biological Engineering, 2018)
Xiaoming Wang, PhD (ENGR TECH, 2018)

Faculty Compensation and Benefits

The Committee shall undertake a continuing study of the policies relating to both direct and indirect compensation and benefits of the faculty. Indirect compensation shall be understood to include, but not be limited to: retirement and insurance, faculty housing, educational privileges, leaves, travel expense, and recreational athletic facilities. The committee shall report to the president through the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Senate.

Mimi Arighi (VAD, 2016)
David Miller (PHYS, 2019)
Robert Nowack (EAPS, 2020)
James Pula (SS, 2016)
Susan South (PSYCH, 2018)
Howard Zelaznik (HK, 2017)
Liaison Members:
Joy May, (Bursar, APSAC, 2016)
Tiffany Eakin (CSSAC, 2016)
Cliff Swensen (PURA, Retirees Association, 2016)
Eva Nodine (HR, Staff Benefits, 2016)

Faculty Informetrics Committee

The committee shall be charged with continuing data collection and analysis of faculty surveys, coordination of all other faculty survey related activities, and sharing collected information regularly with the faculty.

William Harper (Health and Kinesiology, 2018)
Michael Hill (Veterinary Clinical Sciences, 2018)
Thomas Kuczek (CHAIR, STAT, 2016)
Yuehwern Yih (Industrial Engineering, 2018)

Grade Appeals

Members of the committee should become thoroughly familiar with the Grade Appeals System in the current Student Handbook.

Roy Dejoie (MGMT, 2018)
Kristine Holtvedt (VPA, 2017) 
Jan Lugowski (MET, 2018)
Holly Mason (CHAIR, Pharmacy, 2016)
John Patterson (An. Sci., 2016)
Grant Richards (ECET, 2017)
Cheryl Rockwell (NURS, IPFW, 2016)
Krishnamurthy Sriramesh (COMM, 2018)
Courtney Casselman
Zachary Frazier
Jonathan Jones
Noah White 
Graduate Students:
Angela Cruz-Fernandez
Kevin Grady
Will Hoggatt
Tim Smith
Mateusz Stochelski
Esther Teixeira
Dina Verdin
Robert Vest
Yumin Zhang