Standing Committees: Faculty Affairs

Censure and Dismissal Procedures

Members of this committee shall become thoroughly familiar with Principles and Policies for Academic Freedom, Responsibilities and Tenure, and Procedures for Termination of Faculty Appointments for Cause as found in Executive Memorandum B-48.

Otto Doering (Ag. Econ, 2019)
Ehtibar Dzhafarov (Psych. Sciences, 2019)
Richard Ghiselli (HTM , 2020)
Peter Hirst (HORT, 2018)
Jessica Huber (SLHS, 2019)
Brian Leung, CHAIR (English, 2019)
Robert Nowack (EA & P Sci, 2019)
Krishnamurthy Sriramesh (Communication, 2019)
Jessica Sturm (Lang. & Cultures, 2019)
Jeffrey Volenec (AG, 2020)
Howard Zelaznik (H & K, 2019)

Fabrice Baudoin (Math, 2018)
Paul Brown (Forestry & Natural Resources, 2018)
Christopher Eckhardt (Psychological Sciences, 2018)
Reuben R. Goforth (Forestry and Natural Resources, 2018)
Michael Gunderson (Agricultural Economics, 2018)
Michael Johnston (English, 2018)
Jan Lugowski (Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2018)
Melanie Shoffner (English, 2018)
Vicki Simpson (Nursing, 2018)
David Umulis (Agricultural & Biological Engineering, 2018)
Xiaoming Wang, PhD (Engineering Technology, 2018)

Faculty Compensation and Benefits

The Committee shall undertake a continuing study of the policies relating to both direct and indirect compensation and benefits of the faculty. Indirect compensation shall be understood to include, but not be limited to: retirement and insurance, faculty housing, educational privileges, leaves, travel expense, and recreational athletic facilities. The committee shall report to the president through the Faculty Affairs Committee and the Senate.

Vaneet Aggarwal (Industrial Engineering, 2019)
Peter Goldbrough (Botany & Plant Pathology, 2022)
David Miller (PHYS, 2019)
Robert Nowack (EAPS, 2020)
Susan South - CHAIR (PSYCH, 2018)
Yava Joes-Hall (Comparative Pathobiology, 2021)

APSAC Representatives:
Bill Applebee (Athletics, 2018)

CSSAC Representatives:
Jonathan Newberry (Food Services, 2018)

Faculty Informetrics Committee - DEFUNCT

The committee shall be charged with continuing data collection and analysis of faculty surveys, coordination of all other faculty survey related activities, and sharing collected information regularly with the faculty.

Grade Appeals

Members of the committee should become thoroughly familiar with the Grade Appeals System in the current Student Handbook.

Roy Dejoie (MGMT, 2018)
Scott Feld (Sociology, 2019)
Andrew Freed (EAPS, 2020)
Jan Lugowski (MET, 2018)
Song No (Languages and Cultures, 2019)
Krishnamurthy Sriramesh (COMM, 2018)
Raji Sundararajan (CHAIR, Engineering, 2019)
Elsa Weber (Behavioral Sciences, Calumet, 2019)

Ethan Chau (PHRM, 2018)
Corcharnelia Martin (HHS, 2018)
Amit Shah (Polytechnic Institute, 2018)
Angel Valentin Rodriguez (ENGR, 2018)
Morgan Vastag (HHS, 2018)

Prakash Chakraborty (MATH, 2018)

Melissa A. James (MATH, 2018)
Connie Muniandy (Food Sciences, 2018)
Kailey Preston (Languages and Cultures, 2018)
Katie Scott (BIOL, 2018)