Standing Committees: Educational Policy

Academic Organization

The committee shall be concerned with changes in academic organization having a significant impact on the intellectual atmosphere and functioning of the university on all of its campuses, e.g., elimination or consolidation of existing departments and schools; and the establishment of interdepartmental institutes and centers. In performance of this task the committee shall, where appropriate, work with officers of the administration, ad hoc committees and faculty involved in contemplated changes.


Robin Adams (ENGR ED, 2022)
Matthew Lynall CHAIR (MGMT, 2019)
Julie Mariga (CIT, 2021)
Abdelfattah Nour (Basic Med Sci, 2022)
Jessica Sturm (Languages and Cultures, 2020)

Academic Progress and Records

The committee shall be charged with: 1) matters concerning academic records and the calendar 2) reviewing grading standards and the process of tabulating and distributing information about grades within the University 3) overseeing the operation of probation and graduation requirements in the University.

Joan E. Dorman (Nursing - Calumet, 2019) 
Guillermo Paniagua, CHAIR (ME, 2018)

PSG Representative:
Kady Diallo (MGMT, 2018)

Other members:

Committee for Student Excellence

The committee shall be charged with: 1) identifying superior high school students and encouraging their enrollment in the University 2) sponsoring and promoting the education of superior students at Purdue 3) getting superior students duly recognized and placed 4) seeking to increase the number of Rhodes, Wilson, Danforth, and other scholarships awarded to Purdue students.

Adem Atmaz (MGMT, 2019)
Rosanne Griggs (NURS, 2019)
Ayhan Ince (ENGR, 2019)
Elizabeth A. Jones (NURS, 2019)
Kimberly Kinzig (PSY SCI, 2020)
J. Mick La Lopa (HTM, 2019)
Matthew Lanham (MGMT, 2020)
Li Qiao (Aeronautics & Astronautics, 2020)
Jim J. Tanoos (Polytechnic Statewide - Vincennes, 2019)
Denise Whitford (Educational Studies, 2019)

PSG Representatives:
Sean Flannery (Sci, 2018)
Barbara McAnulty (AG, 2018
Alexander Murfee (ENGR, 2018)

Scholastic Delinquencies and Readmissions

Students with denied readmission applications have the right to appeal decision to the chair.  Chair of the committee reviews new and compelling information that would warrant review by full committee.  Committee has the authority to overturn prior denial for readmission.

Zachary W. Black (Admissions)
Megan E. Dorton, CHAIR (Sr. Associate Director of Admissions)
R.L. Mate, Vice-Chair (Sr. Assistant Director of Admissions)
Nancy Peterson (ENGL, 2018)
Malathi Raghavan (Vet Med, 2019)
Antonio Sa Barreto (MATH, 2018)
Carol Werhan (MATH, 2019)

Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) is charged with the administration and oversight of the undergraduate outcomes-based core curriculum.  The UCC determines and oversees the operational guidelines associated with implementation elements of the core curriculum including approval of foundational courses, establishment of guiding rules for the approval, regulation, and monitoring of foundational outcome courses, resolution of issues related to transfer students, and the review of foundational and embedded outcomes.

Chad Allred (MGMT, 2020)
V. Jo Davisson (PHRM, 2018)
Nancy Gabin, CHAIR (HIST, 2019)
Jeff Gray, (ECE, 2019)
Jonathan Neal (AG, 2020)
Jill Newton (Ed Studies, 2020)
Megan Sapp-Nelson (Libraries, 2018)
Mat Sutton, Immediate Past Chair (TLI, 2018)
Susie Swithers (Psych. Sciences, 2019)
Marcy Towns (CHEM, 2018)
Bianca Zenor (VET TECH, 2020)

Other Representatives:
Kylie Edmond (Registrar)
Sharon Morphew (Admissions)
Russell Nelson (Registrar)
Monal Patel (Institutional Research)
Jenna Rickus (Provost Office)
Andrae Sailes (Advising)
Sandy Schaffer (Registrar)
Peg Wier (Admissions)
LeeAnn Williams (Advising)

EPC Liaison:
Elliott Slamovich (2018)

James Pula (PNW)
Jeff Watt (IUPUI)

Student Representative: