Standing Committees: Educational Policy

Academic Organization

The committee shall be concerned with changes in academic organization having a significant impact on the intellectual atmosphere and functioning of the university on all of its campuses, e.g., elimination or consolidation of existing departments and schools; and the establishment of interdepartmental institutes and centers. In performance of this task the committee shall, where appropriate, work with officers of the administration, ad hoc committees and faculty involved in contemplated changes.

Edward Delp (ECE, 2014)
JoAnn Miller (SOC, 2015)(CHAIR)
Patricia Jacoby (Marketing, PNC, 2016)
Craig Dobbins (Ag. Econ., 2017)
Melissa Dark (CIT, 2018)

Academic Progress and Records

The committee shall be charged with: 1) matters concerning academic records and the calendar 2) reviewing grading standards and the process of tabulating and distributing information about grades within the University 3) overseeing the operation of probation and graduation requirements in the University.

T.B.D. (2014)
Johannes Strobel (Eng. Ed., 2014)
Michele Summers (OLS, 2014)(CHAIR)
Mangala Subramaniam (SOC, 2014)
Song No (F & N, 2015)
Ishbah Cox (Univ. Bands, 2016)
Victor Schleich (2014)
Joe Viater (2014)
Other members:
J.A. Brown
Robert L. Mate

Committee for Student Excellence

The committee shall be charged with: 1) identifying superior high school students and encouraging their enrollment in the University 2) sponsoring and promoting the education of superior students at Purdue 3) getting superior students duly recognized and placed 4) seeking to increase the number of Rhodes, Wilson, Danforth, and other scholarships awarded to Purdue students.

Mary Dugan (LIBR, 2014)
Michael Hill (VCS, 2014)
Catherine Riehle (LIBR, 2014)
Lalatendu Acharya (CSR, 2015)
Nan Kong (BME, 2015) TBD (CHAIR)
Amy Hatfield (LIBR, 2016)
Cheryl Rockwell (NURS, IPFW, 2016)
Sharon Schleigh (CHEM & PHYS, PCalumet, 2016)
Victoria Walker (C&I, 2016)

Scholastic Delinquencies and Readmissions

The committee shall examine the scholastic records of students and determine appropriate action in cases where the performance of students has not met acceptable standards.

Signe Kastberg (C&I, 2014)
Peter Waddell (BIOL, 2014)
Cheng-Kok Koh (ECE, 2014)
Ryan Cabot (An. Sci., 2015)
Mark Diekman (An. Sci., 2015)
Rajeswari Sundararajan (ECET, 2015)
Amy Barton (LIBR, 2016)
Carol Ott (Pharm. Practice, 2016)
John Patterson (An. Sci., 2016)
Other Member: