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NameTitleOfficePhoneTerm Ends
Kirk D. Alter Past Senate Chair and BCMT KNOY 45814 2017
J. Stuart Bolton Mechanical Engineering HERL 42139 2017
* Joseph W. Camp Secretary of Faculties HOVD 61970 2017
Natalie Carroll Nominating Committee Chair, Youth Development & Ag Ed, Professor of Youth Development/AG Ed/AG and BIO AGAD 48433 2018
Richard Cosier Leeds Professor of Management KRAN 44353 2017
Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. President HOVD 49707 2017
Debasish Dutta Provost HOVD 46835 2017
Tiffany M. Eakin CSSAC Chair, Advisory Committee Rep., College of Ag AGAD 43150 2017
Levon T. Esters FAC Chair, Youth Development and Agriculture Education AGAD 48423 2017
Donna Ferullo Director University Copyright Office/Professor STEW 63864 2018
Alan Friedman URPC Chair, Biological Sciences LILY 45911 2018
Samuel Guffey APSAC Chair, Advisory Committee Rep., Forestry and Natural Resources FORS 66266 2017
Michael A. Hill Veterinary Clinical Sciences LYNN 48558 2017
Russell Jones Student Affairs Committee Chair, Visual and Performing Arts PAO 40973 2019
Yaman Kaakeh Pharmacy Practice RHPH 48173 2019
Ralph Kaufmann EPC Chair, Professor of Mathematics MATH 2018
Linda Prokopy E&DC Chair, Forestry and Natural Resources FORS 62221 2017
Alberto J. Rodriguez Senate Vice Chair - Curriculum & Instruction BRNG 2018
David A. Sanders Senate Chair. Biological Sciences LILY 46453 2017
Gerald Shively SC Chair, Agricultural Economics KRAN 44218 2018
Kip Williams Psychological Sciences PSYC 40845 2017
Geralyn Denger PSG President, Student Activities Organizations and PMU KRCH 2017
Andrew K. Zeller PGSG President, Mathematics MATH 2017

* Indicates Advisor
Indicates Chairperson
Indicates Vice Chairperson