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SecurePurdue, ITaP, and Purdue at large offer a variety of security-related services to help the University community achieve the goals of the SecurePurdue initiative. Use the links below to access security-related services at Purdue.

  • Change Your Password

    View and edit your account information including your password, emergency contact information, viewing your web page location and services you have access to, such as MyPurdue and OnePurdue Portal.

  • Vulnerability Scanning Cluster

    This self-serve Tool for network vulnerability scanning was developed for Purdue University system and network administrators. It will generate asset information, system vulnerabilities and compliance levels for your systems.

  • Social Security Number Scanning Tools

    Several tools, provided by different organizations, are available to ensure that SSN’s are properly handled throughout campus. Be sure to read the documentation provided with each tool carefully and completely before use.

  • InCommon Service

    As a member of the InCommon Federation, Purdue faculty, staff, and students are able to access resources made available by other participants using their Purdue Career account authenticated through a single sign-on service.

  • Report a Security Incident

    If you suspect that your Purdue or personal computer has been compromised, this page lists the steps to follow.

  • Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

    Request a web application vulnerability scan and report of your web application from the IT Security Services group.

  • Cassandra Tool for Vulnerability Notifications

    This tool simplifies updates of vulnerabilities by daily reviewing the National Vulnerability Database or Secunia database, and saves the lists of products or vendors into keyword profiles. It allows you to be notified by email for only the things that are relevant to you.

  • Purdue Security Team

    STEAM is the IT security incident response team at Purdue, which is composed of IT professionals from all University IT departments who share information and offer assistance when IT security incidents occur.

  • Security Downloads

    Access free antivirus and security software, such as McAfee. Log in to find the appropriate version for your computer and be sure to also download and install the latest McAfee patch from the patches page.

  • ePO Service

    This service, available to Purdue University system administrators, can determine if a department's VirusScan policy is current.

  • Identity and Access Management Services

    The Identity Access Management Office (IAMO) coordinates the activities of identity assignment and role-based access across the University, and provides a consistent means of identifying Purdue University constituents and allowing them access to resources while ensuring an individual's privacy.

  • Filelocker

    Filelocker is an open-sourced program created by Purdue University that allows faculty and staff a convenient way to securely share files with other people, both on and off campus.