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Administrative Data Classifications & Information Owners

The University's administrative data is organized by the area responsible for it. Following one of the links below will present a list of the data for which that area is responsible as well as its Information Owner. Each item in that list links to the detailed description and classification of that data. A summary of restricted data is also available.

For example, if you click on the "Financial/Bursar's Office" link, you will then see that almost all of the data they "own" is classified as Restricted and requires special handling. See the Security Requirements for Handling Information. Their "Catalogue Information" is classified as Public. Public data does not require precautionary measures when handled. Any comments about these classifications should be emailed to the appropriate Data Steward.

Administrative DataDelegated Information Owners

Business Services

Card Services Assistant Comptroller Collections
E-Commerce/Credit Card Operations & Bank Account Office of Treasury Operations
Financial/Accounting Associate Comptroller Accounting
Financial/Accounts Payable Associate Comptroller Accounting
Financial/Bursar's Office Assistant Comptroller Collections
Financial/Centralized Accounts Receivable Assistant Comptroller Collections
Financial/Costing, & Travel Associate Comptroller Accounting
Risk Management Manager Risk Management
Taxes Assistant Comptroller Payroll & Tax
Financial/Investments Senior Director of Investments
Financial/Property Accounting Associate Comptroller Accounting
Financial/Purchasing Director Purchasing Services
Financial/Sponsored Program Services Director Sponsored Program Services
Financial/Student Loans Associate Comptroller-University Collections
Payroll Assistant Comptroller Payroll & Tax

Vice President for Human Resources

Compensation and Classification 

Benefits and Leave

Work Life

Director of Compensation & Benefits
Employee Relations and Policy Director of Employee Relations
Pre-Employment Director of Talent Acquisition
Training and Development Director of Leadership and Organizational Development

Housing and Food Services

Boiler Television Manager of Boiler Television
Food Service Management University Residences Director of Dining Services, Director of Food Stores, PMU Director of Retail Dining
Hall of Music/ LOEB Playhouse Director of Hall of Music
Physical Facilities Mgmt-PMU PMU Assistant Director, Building Services and Schedules
Physical Facilities Mgmt-Univ Res University Residences Director of Facilities
PMU Program Department PMU Director for Programs and Recreation
Student Life University Residences Director of Residential Life
Undergraduate/Graduate Students On-Campus Housing University Residences Director of Administration
Union Hotel PMU Assistant Director, Union Club Manager
University Residences Conference Services University Residences Director of Conferences and Community Relations

Information Technology

Customer Service Center Manager of Customer Service Center
Desktop Support Director of Desktop Support
Hardware and Operational Services Director of Hardware Services and Operations
Software Services  Director of Software Services
Identity and Access Management Office (IAMO) and Security Services Executive Director Networks and Security
Telecommunications Director of Telephone Services

Physical Facilities


Physical Facilities   Vice President of Physical Facilities

Graduate School

Graduate School Graduate School

Student Services

Black Cultural Center Director of BCC
Center for Career Opportunities Executive Associate Director
Financial Aid Assoc. Director of Financial Aid for Information Managment
PUSH Director
Registrar's Office Registrar
Space Management and Academic Scheduling Director of Space Mgmt & Academic Scheduling
Undergraduate Admissions Director of Admissions

University Advancement

University Development and PAA Senior Vice President of Advancement
University Relations Vice President of University Relations
WBAA WBAA General Manager