Purdue Port Restriction FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) What is a port restriction, and why was it done?
A) Please read the Port Restriction Plan for more details. It can be found at: http://www.purdue.edu/securepurdue/policies/port.html

Q) How will the port restriction affect me?
A) If you use Outlook from home, or if you access Purdue file shares using, Windows networking, you will need to use one of the methods discussed below to continue to access those resources.


Q) I use Outlook to read my email and access my Exchange calendar. Do I need to use the VPN?
A) To continue to use Outlook with full functionality, you will need to use the VPN (see below) or RPC over HTTPS. You may also use OWA (https://exchange.purdue.edu), which has a full-featured web client.

Q) I want to use POP or IMAP to read my Exchange email, how do I do that?
A)Details can be found at:  https://www.itap.purdue.edu/email/atPurdue/

Q) I want to use RPC over HTTPS to access the Exchange server, how do I do that?
A) Full details on what is required to do this, as well as directions can be found in the Exchange FAQ at: https://support.office.com/.

Purdue Resources and Access

Q) Does this mean that if I use (METAFRAME, POP3/IMAP email, FTP) from home to access Purdue resources that I need to use the VPN?
A) You will only need to use the VPN to access resources that use the restricted ports. Examples would include: Exchange, Windows file shares, and Samba shares. Unaffected tools include Webmail, WebCT, SSINFO, and many other resources.

Q) Will Word, Excel, or other programs be affected?
A) If the files you access are stored on Purdue fileservers and shared via Windows file sharing or Samba, you will need to use the VPN. If you are using Word, Excel, or other programs to work with files on your local system you will be unaffected.

Q) If I use Purdue ADSL as my Internet connection, will I be affected by the restriction?
A) No, ADSL users will still have the same functionality as before the port restrictions were put in place.

Q) If I dial-in to the Purdue modem pool, will I need to use VPN?
A) No, dial-up modem users accessing the Purdue modem pool will still have the same functionality as before the port restrictions were put in place.

Q) If I use the VPN, does all of my traffic go through Purdue?
A) If you connect via the Purdue VPN, most systems will route all of your traffic through Purdue. If you do not want this to occur, and are using Windows 2000 or XP, and have installed the .NET 1.1 Framework, Purdue's Computer Science department has created a split tunneling configuration tool that will ensure that only traffic meant for Purdue is sent via the VPN connection. This software can be downloaded at: http://www2.cs.purdue.edu/help/vpn/. Any bugs or issues with the software should be reported at the same site.


Q) What does the VPN do for me, and what is a VPN?
A) The VPN allows you to receive a Purdue IP address and act as an on-campus host. This allows access past port restrictions and other security measures, and allows your system to easily interoperate with on-campus services that may not work for off-campus systems.

Q) How do I set up my system to use the VPN? Is it hard?
A) For most common systems, VPN set up is fairly easy. See http://www.itap.purdue.edu/connections/vpn/ for details.

Q) I live outside of town, or need to access Purdue resources from a remote site. Does this apply to me, and will the VPN work?
A) The VPN is accessible from anywhere in the world with proper Purdue credentials (Purdue career account).

Q) I'm a systems administrator, and I have off-campus non-Purdue users who need to map a share on my system, can they get a guest account for the VPN?
A) A process is being developed to request VPN accounts, please check back here or email itap-securityhelp@purdue.edu for updated information.

Other Questions

Q) I use a PDA to access the Exchange server, will my access be affected?
A) If you use a PDA and connect via PAL or a wired campus connection, your access will be unaffected. If you use your PDA from home or remotely, you will need to either use the Purdue VPN, or an alternate method of connecting to Exchange such as OWA (a mobile device friendly version of OWA is available at https://exchange.purdue.edu/owa. Other options are discussed in the Exchange FAQ

Q) Will my Blackberry continue to work when I am away from the Purdue campus?
A) The Blackberry product uses a completely different mechanism for accessing your Purdue email and will be unaffected by these changes.

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