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Phishing Email Alert: [Your Webmail Account is on Restriction]

Phishing Email Alert:  [Your Webmail Account is on Restriction]

A spear-phishing attempt is circulating targeting Purdue users.  This email may appear legitimate by spoofing itap@purdue.edu and providing a clickable link that does not actually direct you to owa.purdue.edu.

Please be advised this is not from Purdue and is an attempt to obtain your personal information.  You should ignore this email.  However, if you have clicked on the link and entered your account info, then you will need to change your password and challenge questions as soon as possible.  At this time the URL has been blocked on campus, but this block will have no action off campus.

Purdue will never ask for personal data through email.

Posted by ITSP - Security on January 24, 2013, in Secure Purdue News.