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Phishing Email Alert: Annual Form - Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business

A phishing email is circulating amongst Purdue users, asking them to fill out a form that is attached to the email in order to be compensated for using personal vehicles while on state business.  The email is spoofing @purdue.edu email addresses.  The attached form was flagged for containing malware and was meant to phish for information.

The subject of the email is: Annual Form - Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business

The sender is spoofing various different Purdue addresses.

If you have received this email, please ignore and delete.  If any user has taken any action to reply or attempt to fill out the attached form, it is recommended that malware scans are performed and password and challenge questions are reset.

Posted by ITSP on October 08, 2013, in Secure Purdue News.