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'Zlob' Trojan Finds YouTube

If you ever browse through YouTube videos, you might want to be extra cautious.  Why?  Because attackers are infecting victims with a trojan using fake video links on the YouTube website.  The trojan initially floods victims with pornographic adware, then installs data-stealing code on the victim's computer.

Currently the only defense against this type of attack is YouTube's own security personnel.  These workers look for the attacks and remove them immediately after they are discovered.  This manual process still provides a period of time for attackers to cause some damage.

To help combat such attacks, it is highly recommended to run updated anti-virus and ensure all applications are updated.  It is also a good security practice to run a personal/host-based firewall configured to block unauthorized outbound connections.  Running this type of firewall will help prevent information from being sent to an attacker if the computer is compromised.




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Posted by Kitch Spicer on June 22, 2007, in Handlers Log.