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STEAM-CIRT Summary & Trends for March 2007

March 2007 Summary and Trends

The total number of events reported to the STEAM-CIRT increased by almost 6% from last month, and the total number of actual IT incidents increased by 11%.  However, the number of classified incidents is comparable to the number encountered for March of last year.

This increase in total incidents is attributed to a 4% increase in IRC Bot activity over last month, an increase in spam incidents from 12 to 15, and small numbers of phishing, worm, virus, and compromise incidents.

The STEAM-CIRT issued one advisory during March for the Solaris telnet daemon authentication bypass vulnerability.   The advisory was issued after the STEAM-CIRT received several reports of attempts to exploit this vulnerability on Purdue systems.

Posted by William Harshbarger on August 22, 2007, in Handlers Log.