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STEAM-CIRT Summary & Trends for November 2006

November 2006 Summary & Trends

Overall the number of events reported to the STEAM-CIRT remained nearly the same as last month, while the total number of actual IT Incidents increased at 17%. This increase is due to a small increase in the number of IRC Bot infections reported or detected by the STEAM-CIRT.

The month of November did not bring any significant new threats and continued trends from October. IRC bot infections continue to be prevalent and compromised machines are often used to send spam and attack other machines to increase the size of the bot network further.

The STEAM-CIRT expects the relative number of IT Incidents to drop slightly during the month of December due to the end of the academic semester. As computing usage decreases over the break, the rate of IT Incidents also tends to slow following by an increase in January.

Posted by Addam Schroll on December 15, 2006, in Handlers Log.