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Profile: Christopher Burgess


Protecting Intellectual Property in the Global Market Place (Time: 45-60 Mins)

The speaker will address the global realities with respect to the threat to a corporation's Intellectual Property. Via the case study vehicle, the attendee will learn of the experiences of firms from around the world and the impact loss of Intellectual Property caused or could have caused to otherwise healthy firms as seen from the optic of the insider, the competitor, the state entity and the organized criminal element. The session should be of interest to any individual who has an interest or responsibility for safeguarding their own or their employer's Intellectual Property, as they draft policy, and engage the government's of the world to enforce intellectual property protection strategies.

  • The scope as seen by Cisco
  • The insider, competitor, state and organized criminal element and their motivations
  • The methodologies as shared via case study exemplars
  • Cisco's top-down solution, based on trust, awareness, empowerment, audit, and realistic expectations