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Information Classification for Treasury Operations

Information Owner: Vice President of Business Services

Office Responsible for System: Treasury Operations

Data Steward: Kay Parker

Date: September 2003

Treasury Office Related Information:

The Office of Treasury Operations provides expertise and support in cash management, debt management and banking relationships for Purdue University.

Information NameDescriptionClassifications
Cash Management

Funds that earn for themselves and for general funds. (In Sungard system)

Takes average balances within an earning department to determine dollar days for distribution of CMIP.

  X X Bank Account Info
Wire Transfers (Daily Cash Management)

Moving funds from operating account to University vendors or providers.

Look to see what is net daily investible funds.

  X X Bank Account Number,
Restricted Accounts
Debt Issuance

Information on new debt issues.

Rating information to Moodys or S&P.

Data includes: project title, estimated cost, pay back period.

Debt Repayment

Timely debt payments to institutions (like Chase) and they distribute income to bond holders.