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Information Classification for Bursar's Office

Information Owner: Asst. Comptroller-University Collections

Office Responsible for System: Bursar's Office

Data Steward:  Kay Parker

Date: September 2003

Bursar Related Information:

The Bursar's Office is the primary financial interface between the students and university.

The major responsibilities of the office include: fee assessment, billing for tuition, housing and student awards, managing the Student Budget Plan (prepayments), installment plan, financial aid assignment and financial aid disbursement.

The Bursar's Office also functions as the campus bank. Funds are received from students, university departments and student organizations. These funds are receipted and recorded then stored, redistributed or sent to the bank.

Information NameDescriptionClassifications
Customer Account Information Student ID, Name and address and other information about students.     X
SSN & FERPA regulations
Financial Aid Information Student ID, Name, amount of aid awarded, applied to accounts and refunded to the student.     X
SSN & FERPA regulations
Billing Information Individual student charges balances for housing and fees that include Customer ID, # and name.     X
SSN & FERPA regulations
Payments Payments received from individual students which includes Customer ID, amount, etc.     X
SSN & FERPA regulations
Transactions List of all activity related to individual students.     X
SSN & FERPA regulations
ACH Bank Transfers
Student names and amounts transferred to their bank account and the bank account number.
SSN & FERPA regulations and banking industry security standards
Vault Activity Records of cash and cash items on hand.     X
Departmental policy to avoid robbery
Student Award Billings Student name, SSN and contract information between the university, student and the third party providing the funds.     X
SSN & FERPA regulations
Catalogue Information Tuition fees and housing rates payment plan conditions. X    
Income Tax Credit Information Student SSN, address, fee and aid information that is accumulated and sent to the student and the IRS.     X
SSN, IRS & FERPA regulations