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Data Handling Educational Resources Available

For faculty and staff interested in a quick and easy review of Purdue’s data handling guidelines and policies, the University’s Data Stewards organization is offering a Web page with educational resources.

The Web page features new and revised data handling training resources, including a data handling PowerPoint presentation and an updated “Keys to Securing Purdue’s Data” pamphlet.

The Data Stewards organization spans multiple business units across the University and is responsible for creating Purdue’s data handling requirements, which apply to how Purdue handles and uses all the data entrusted to it. Data Stewards also participate with administrative and technical staff members on projects that create, maintain, and use University data, whether in paper or electronic form.

For additional information, contact datastewards@purdue.edu.

Posted by Joanna Grama on August 25, 2011, in Secure Purdue News.