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Security Issues 6/16

Microsoft Windows XP & 2003 Help and Support Center has been found to be vulnerable to a recent attack.  Users who visit a compromised site can be affected by malicious  malware being downloaded to the hosts machine.  More information can be found below:

w w w . sophos.com/blogs/sophoslabs/?p=10045

Security professionals have found an unofficial workaround for the above vulnerability.  More information on the workaround can be found below:


If you are a user of Adobe Flash Player on 64-bit Linux you are advised to uninstall your current version and install the most recent version for 32-bit Linux.  This is due to Adobe pulling the most current version off of their site.  More information can be found below:

w w w . h-online.com/security/news/item/Flash-Player-10-for-64-bit-Linux-vanishes-leaving-some-users-exposed-1023025.html

Posted by Brad Graves on June 16, 2010, in Handlers Log.