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2013-2014 Program Requirements

Successfully completing a Purdue degree will require a great degree of personal investment, hard work, resiliency and a commitment to continuous improvement. Scholarship recipients:

  1. Must maintain scholastic excellence in their coursework.
  2. Remain in a Science Bound approved major.
  3. Will submit a Grade Check (freshmen submit two Grade Checks) each semester.
  4. Attend Scholarship Meetings. These meetings may be social, professional or personal development opportunities provided by Science Bound.
  5. Meet regularly with the Science Bound Scholarship Administrator.
  6. Give Back: There are several ways to give back including: participating in the Science Bound student organization, being a volunteer at Science Bound events. Pursue excellence in every respect of my personal, career and professional life, including being a Peer Mentor, or hosting Shadow Day participants.
  7. Learn to plan, prioritize, and use effective time management skills: Science In light of the myriad of extracurricular opportunities at Purdue, Science Bound students learn to keep academics as first priority.
  8. Are Professional: Commit to the continual development and honing of skills needed for professional life. Both the caliber of their work, and the way students present themselves should reflect quality and professionalism. This includes selection of appropriate dress for classroom and professional settings, developing strong oral, written communication skills, reporting to appointments and classes on time, and notifying instructors, academic advisors and others ahead of time when I will be late or absent.
  9. Are Resourceful: Students agree to seek out and utilize every imaginable resource to aid in accomplishing my career goal. This includes but is not limited to initiating relationships with other students to form study groups, attending office hours of my instructors, attending help sessions, introducing myself and meeting regularly with instructors, seeking out tutors, looking for research opportunities, and establishing relationships with multicultural directors and networking with professionals.
  10. Science Bound Freshmen:
    • Take a First-Year-College Transition Course their first semester at Purdue.
    • Attend the Academic Boot Camp (5 weeks): This is a five-5 week intensive preview of your freshman coursework in college.
    • Meet regularly during the semester with a Science Bound Peer Mentor.
    • Attend Freshman Orientation.
    • Minimize involvements in activities that would result in academics becoming a second or third priority This includes rushing/pledging a fraternity or sorority or any derivative thereof, frequently going home or taking out-of-town weekend excursions which are not in the student's best interest.

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